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Our parish-wide athletic program is first and foremost an extension of our Catholic educational experience with a goal of providing wholesome and enjoyable use of extracurricular time through sports activities, while also teaching sports fundamentals, developing athletic skills, instilling self-worth, discipline, fostering good sportsmanship, winning with grace and losing with dignity.

We offer boys' and girls' volleyball, basketball, track & field and girls' softball to all our 5th - 8th grade school and religious education students. 

We also open our gym doors to a few weekly adult basketball and futsal parent/parishioner recreational groups, when time and space allow.

As a Catholic parish-based athletic program, we continually strive for a healthy and respectful level of spirited Christian competition. We adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Archdiocese as well as our own Handbook and Student/Parent Code of Conduct. These guidelines, along with our parent/parishioner volunteers and role-models, serve as key factors in keeping our program a vibrant and positive place for our children to play, develop and grow as a faith-filled community.

Go Cavaliers!