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Middle School at CHrist King: Preparing Students for High School & Beyond

Led by Principal Grace M. Urbanski and a staff of dedicated middle school teachers, our students consistently surpass our expectations both academically and socially as they transition into high school and beyond.

Christ King has an impressive team of middle school teachers who love 6th, 7th, and 8th graders and who are motivated to fill the middle school years with joyful growth and wonderful memories. The correct middle school setting builds confidence for life. Our inclusive and safe environment based on a Catholic foundation allows students to thrive academically and emotionally. 

Academic Excellence
  • Middle School benefits from individual subject teachers in all subjects
  • Christ King follows rigorous curriculum standards set by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee 
  • Smart curricula align to high school requirements and tier down through each grade, designed to meet high school entrance expectations
  • Student enjoy consistent success in MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) test results, with all grades testing above the national and WI Catholic Private School averages
  • Strong reading comprehension programs resulted in 2022-23 middle school MAP scores averaging over 10 points higher than the national averages 
  • Explicit instruction in executive functioning skills woven into daily life, including goal setting, planning, metacognition, time management, self-control, organization, and sustained attention

Christ King graduates go on to succeed at a variety of public and private high schools including DSHA, Marquette High, Pius XI, Catholic Memorial, Wauwatosa West, Wauwatosa East, Brookfield Academy and Brookfield East

Holistic Approach
  • Smaller class sizes cultivate growth for all educational abilities, accelerated to developing
  • Middle school family environment supported with 6th, 7th and 8th graders mixing for “Family Time”
  • Students are guided through social challenges including social media in a supportive & educational environment
  • Required service hours and school sponsored service opportunities develop empathetic, responsible citizens in the community
  • Various extracurriculars, including competitive sports and organized “Hang Time” events, provide opportunities to develop friendships while exploring new interests
  • Middle School Cadets and Buddy Programs instill a sense of responsibility through leading younger students

Detailed curriculum guides for each grade level may be found through the Archdiocese of Milwaukee website.