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Christ King’s elementary teachers focus on group and one-on-one instruction to ensure a strong foundation of knowledge in all students.  A robust reading, phonics and writing curriculum allows children to work on skills in small groups and read books at their level as they progress.  A focus on mastering math facts, including guided at home practice, increases students’ confidence as skills build through the years. 
Field trips, seasonal celebrations, specialty classes and co-curriculars keep learning engaging and fun through the years. Laughter and smiles are in abundance in our elementary halls.

Sample of grade level co-curriculars:

  • 1st: Friends First (friendship skills), Paper Entrepreneur Project
  • 2nd: All Saints Project, Career Day, Sacrament Preparation
  • 3rd: Political Campaigns with a candy election, Personal Finance, Fairy Tale Unit, Book Clubs, Mystery Book Unit
  • 4th: WI History Unit with lumberjack breakfast and trip to Capital
  • 5th: State Fair project, Revolutionary Wax Museum, Junior Achievement with visit to Biz Town, Middle School Readiness

Detailed curriculum guides for each grade level may be found through the Archdiocese of Milwaukee website.