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Our Faculty & Staff Are The Difference
  • Commitment to professional development shines through in every interaction
  • 100% full-time teacher retention rate
  • Teachers complete year-long training in “Love and Logic” discipline philosophy which promotes respectful and harmonious relationships with students 
  • 8 out of 24 teachers have a Master's degree; many pursuing advanced education
    • 100% of WI State certified
  • Teachers exhibit strength-based mindsets, regularly reviewing & renewing their Gallup CliftonStrengths coaching
  • In our Trauma-Informed School, teachers are highly trained in social & emotional health 
    • 2 Teachers are certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid 
  • All teachers pursue advanced certification in religious education
    • Professional development includes immersion in Catholic Social Responsibility & Catholic mission
School Faculty & Staff Directory
  Name Title Group
Mrs. Diana Barkow Barkow, Mrs. Diana Grade 1A Teacher School Staff
Mrs. Tricia Bergan Bergan, Mrs. Tricia Grade K3 Paraprofessional School Staff
Father Phillip Bogacki Bogacki, Father Phillip Pastor School Staff
Mrs. Annie Bolin Bolin, Mrs. Annie Director of Pupil Services School Staff
Mrs. Hannah Bruskiewicz Bruskiewicz, Mrs. Hannah Reading Resource Specialty Teacher School Staff
Mrs. Tiffany Chang Chang, Mrs. Tiffany K4 Special Needs Paraprofessional School Staff
Mrs. Kathy Coxey Coxey, Mrs. Kathy Middle School Religion Teacher School Staff
Mrs. Ivana DiCastri DiCastri, Mrs. Ivana Grade 4B Teacher School Staff
Mrs. Katie Dorrington Dorrington, Mrs. Katie Grade 4A Teacher School Staff
Mrs. Kerry Dorrington Dorrington, Mrs. Kerry Grade 2B Teacher School Staff
Miss Selena Esqivel Esqivel, Miss Selena Grades K4-1 Music Teacher, Wednesdays School Staff
Mrs. Farah Ewing Ewing, Mrs. Farah Art Specialty Teacher School Staff
Bill Flaig Flaig, Bill Campus Maintenance Technician School Staff
Mrs. Alexis Friese Friese, Mrs. Alexis Grade K4B Teacher School Staff
Mrs. Caroline Gucciardi Gucciardi, Mrs. Caroline Grade 2 Paraprofessional School Staff
Mrs. Coleen Hernandez Hernandez, Mrs. Coleen Grade 1B Teacher School Staff
Mrs. Kari Johnson Johnson, Mrs. Kari Grades 2-5 Music Teacher, Mondays School Staff
Mrs. Katie Kleier Kleier, Mrs. Katie Grade K5B Teacher School Staff
Mr. Ken Kloser Kloser, Mr. Ken Middle School Social Studies Teacher School Staff
Mrs. Laurie Kunz Kunz, Mrs. Laurie Grade K3 Lead Teacher School Staff
Fr. Michael Lawinger Lawinger, Fr. Michael Assoiciate Pastor School Staff
Ms. Lynn Lesko Lesko, Ms. Lynn Grade K5A Teacher School Staff
Mark Martinez Martinez, Mark Campus Maintenance Supervisor School Staff
Mrs. Megan Mauk Mauk, Mrs. Megan Middle School Math Teacher School Staff
Mrs. Katherine Mcelvain Mcelvain, Mrs. Katherine School Receptionist School Staff
Mrs. Alli Meuler Meuler, Mrs. Alli Middle School English Language Arts Teacher School Staff
Mrs. Maddy Mutza Mutza, Mrs. Maddy Grade 3 Literacy Teacher; Librarian School Staff
Ms. Stephanie Nass Nass, Ms. Stephanie Physical Education Specialty Teacher School Staff
Mr. Tom Peterson Peterson, Mr. Tom Grade 3 Teacher School Staff
Miss Mary Phillips Phillips, Miss Mary Grade K4A Teacher School Staff
Mr. Peter Rebholz Rebholz, Mr. Peter Permanent Deacon School Staff
Ms. Laura Riegg Riegg, Ms. Laura Grade 6&7 English Language Arts Teacher School Staff
Sr. Beth Schmitz Schmitz, Sr. Beth Grade 2A Teacher School Staff
Ms. Jane Sheehan Sheehan, Ms. Jane Administrative Assistant School Staff
Mrs. Molly Sisulak Sisulak, Mrs. Molly Grade K4 Paraprofessional School Staff
Mrs. Jenna Swanson Swanson, Mrs. Jenna Grade 5 teacher School Staff
Mrs. Amy Tarpey Tarpey, Mrs. Amy Extended Care Teacher School Staff
Miss Rose Urbanski Urbanski, Miss Rose Middle School Music School Staff
Mrs. Grace Urbanski Urbanski, Mrs. Grace School Principal School Staff
Mrs. Kylie Vater Vater, Mrs. Kylie Middle School Science Teacher School Staff