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Before our parishioners graduate high school, we want them to seek out life’s big questions and encounter Jesus Christ in the answers, to have an authentic connection with mentors, peers, and the Catholic Church through small groups, and to be equipped with the Holy Spirit through Confirmation. Sustained on daily prayer, the sacraments, and a desire for holiness, our graduates will be sent out to the world as missionaries and disciples.

Did you know?

  • 50% of baptized Catholics under 30 have officially left the Church. 79% of those who leave, do so by age 23. —USCCB, 2019
  • 85% of Confirmed Catholics stop practicing their faith within 10 years of  Confirmation.” - Dynamic Catholic, 2013
  • 13 is the average age when people decide they will leave the Church. - CARA Research, 2016
  • 39% of Catholics attend Mass on a given Sunday.  - Gallup, 2018

So let’s write a new story... 

“Be Not Afraid! Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure!” – St. John Paul II

Many teens and young adults leave the Church because they feel out of place or they struggle with the Church’s teachings. But most leave because they never had an encounter with the Trinity. Christianity is so much more than ethics and routine - it’s about mission, adventure, boldness, worship, holiness, and discovering who God is and who He is calling you to be. Can you imagine what our parish would be like if every one of our teens experienced the Trinity in that way? Let’s find out…

Before they graduate high school, we want each teen to have the opportunity to:

  • SEEK: At Alpha, ask and discuss life’s biggest questions in an honest, respectful environment; meet new friends, hear the Gospel message and have the chance to respond.​
  • CONNECT: Get connected to the parish and peers in a small group. This group of 6-8 students (same gender, same grade) and 1 leader will ideally meet together for a few years. Students will get to choose the topics they want to study in light of Scripture and Church teaching.
  • EQUIP: Be equipped to go out and “set the world on fire” (St. Catherine of Siena) through the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • SEND: Lead in our parish, and/or join a special small group to help you prepare for college and beyond by learning how to defend the faith, how to pray in new ways, and preach the Gospel.


Contact Information:

Sarah Daszczuk
Director of Youth Ministry 
414-258-2604 x26

HS Small Groups
small groups. big impact.

All freshmen and sophomores who do not attend a Catholic high school are asked to join a small discipleship group. These groups typically consist of 5-8 students and one adult, which allows for spiritual mentorship. Groups meet for 75 minutes and in-between meetings they are assigned a passage of Scripture to pray with. The goal is to teach students how to pray and how to say yes to the abundant life Christ invites us to live.

The first semester, small groups go through the Alpha material, which offers students a chance to revisit and respond to the simple Gospel message. Then, small groups focus on developing a life of prayer: how to hear the voice of God, praying with scripture, and pondering our roles as sons and daughters of God. 

Here's a typical progression of high school topics:

  • 9th Gr Fall: Small Group - Alpha
  • 9th Gr Spring: Small Group - Identify as the Father's sons/daughters
  • 10th Gr Fall: Small Group - Pray as Christ's chosen ones
  • 10th Gr Spring: Small Group - Go out as spiritual mothers/fathers
  • Summer/Fall of 11th Gr: Confirmation


Alpha is a series of interactive gatherings exploring big life questions and the basics of the Christian faith. Every Alpha gathering includes a meal, a talk and small group discussion, where no question is too simple and no answer is prepackaged.


  • Everyone and anyone who Desires a warm, friendly and relaxed environment to explore life's big questions, or...
  • Has questions about the Christian Faith, or...
  • Would like to have a deepened relationship with God, or...
  • Would like to get involved in the parish, or...
  • Would like to meet people or...
  • Is unsure of his or her belief in God, or...
  • Is in love with Christ and His Church, or...
  • Anyone in-between.


Alpha is a place to talk about faith, to give voice to your opinions, beliefs, doubts, and convictions. It's a place to be accepted, yet challenged. This isn't a theology class or religious ed: it's a place to hear the Gospel message and respond. So, whether you've been taking theology classes for the past 11 years, or you're new to the Christian faith, this is for you!

Alpha is a one-semester pre-requisite for Confirmation for all students offered every fall and spring. It is already built into our year-long 9-10th gr formation program, but can be taken separately (one semester only) by students who attend a Catholic high school.

Sundays every fall and spring, 6:30-7:45pm!


2024-2025 Schedules & Registration

Alpha Schedule

9-10th Gr Schedule

Contact Sarah in the youth ministry office for registration link.