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Supportive education at Christ King involves a team of staff (Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Director of Pupil Services, Principal, and the Reading Interventionist) working together to identify and address the needs of all students at Christ King. Working with parents, we seek to ensure that all students know that their learning is our priority.

Our Cavalier Care Center is a room equipped to address a range of student accommodations.

  • Supporting private OT and PT treatment plans
  • Providing a quiet and tranquil work environment for tests and projects
  • Offering a place for students to work individually or in small groups with direct staff support
  • Equipping peers to mentor classmates

Our Director of Pupil Services is dedicated to supporting the needs of students at every level, from developing to gifted. By working with parents to identify and document student needs, the Director of Pupil Services ensures that all students have the necessary tools and accommodations to succeed at Christ King. In addition, the Director of Pupil Services provides tools and professional development for teachers to stay up to date on the most effective research-based practices in supportive education.

Learning support staff includes paraprofessionals whose assignments are tailored to the needs of our students according to their service plans. We strive to provide support for students that goes above and beyond by hiring reliable and exceptionally trained paraprofessionals.