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Mass: Sa 4PM, Su 8 & 10:30AM



At Christ King School, Battle of the Books (BOB) is a voluntary reading enrichment program for proficient and advanced 4th, 5th, and 6th grade readers designed to extend a student’s comprehension skills.  Students are required to read a variety of books from the approved Battle of the Books list. The titles range from classic to present day award winners. In addition to reading the books, students are required to take notes and recall information regarding the characters, setting and events of the books during a team based competition.

Teams are formed early in the school year.  Each team consists of two - three members in their grade level, and they work together to complete the reading list of 45 titles.  The books vary in length as well as difficulty.  For each child’s convenience, the page length and Lexile (book level) are included on the book lists.  Lexile numbers range from 550 to 1130, with 550 being the lowest and less challenging of the texts.

In late January / early February, all teams participate in four “battles” where they answer 15 questions in each battle.  Questions are posed in the following manner: In which book…?  The students respond with the title and author.  After all four battles have been conducted, and the points have been totaled, the team with the highest score (at each grade level) will advance to the regional competition. At this final competition, our CK students will be competing with winning grade level teams from Milwaukee area schools. 




Singing in a choir helps us to develop the qualities of self-discipline, determination, self-confidence, and pride in individual and group accomplishment.   These qualities help any choir member in dealing with life’s challenges, but are especially important to children who are learning Christian values.  God communicates with us through the arts!  Choral music in particular, the singing of sacred words and ideas, helps children develop a deeper understanding of God and of themselves.


The Christ King Children's Choir leads our sung prayer at one of the weekend Masses every three weeks.   This group is open to any child in grades three through six.  Rehearsals are on Wednesday afternoons.  Choose one of two sessions.  Session one: 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm or Session two (option for Faith Formation Students): 3:00 pm until 4:00 pm. The choir rehearses and performs September through April.

Visit our Parish Faith Formation page for registration details.

Forensics is offered to students in 6th, 7th & 8th grade.The purpose of middle school forensics is to build self-confidence and oral competency by developing and practicing fundamental public speaking skills.
When is the Middle School Forensics Season?
Information meetings are typically held in November/December.  Coaching typically begins in early January and competitions take place in February and March.
How Does Forensics Work?
With the help of their coach, team members prepare an oral presentation from one of eighteen different categories including Prose, Poetry, Storytelling, News Reporting, Solo Acting and Group Acting, Group Improvisation, and Demonstration.  These selections are then performed at scheduled tournaments and festivals where students are evaluated according to individual category standards.Students then choose a category and begin the search for an appropriate selection to be used in competition during the tournament season.
When Does Competition Begin?
Competitions are hosted by MLFA schools during the weekends from late January through early March. The State MLFA  Tournament takes place in mid-March.  Since forensics is primarily an individual or small-group activity, students may attend as many competitions as they would like.


Hang Time is a series of social events for 7th and 8th grade students at Christ King School and in Christ King Parish's Religious Education Program. Events are organized and chaperoned by parents and are designed to be self-funded.  Annual events include a back to school swim party in August, a fall dance held at the school with a DJ, a trip to Comedy Sportz, a bus trip to Sunburst for snow tubing, and a spring dance.  New ideas for events are always welcome.  Hang Time provides a chance for our kids to let loose and have some fun with their classmates.  The kids very much look forward to all of the events!


We have a long and rich tradition of both boy and girl scout troops, led by volunteer parents from each interested grade level.

Student Council consists of four committees: Communications, Service, School Spirit, and Spiritual.  Each of the four committees is lead by a team of two elected 8th grade students.  Members of each committee consist of three members, a 6th grade student, a 7th grade student, and an 8th grade student.

To be considered for an executive role, 8th graders must:

  1. Write and deliver a two two-minute speech to all middle school students.
  2. Create and hang posters around school.
  3. Get one letter of recommendation from a staff member at the school or church.
If any of the above requirements are not completed, a student is not eligible to run.

To be considered for a membership role on a committee, 6th-8th graders must:

  1. Write and deliver a two-minute minimum speech to all members of their grade.
  2. Create and hang posters around school.
  3. Get one letter of recommendation from a staff member at the school or church.
If any of the above requirements are not completed, a student is not eligible to run.
Welcome to Christ King Catholic Parish Athletics! Our parish-wide athletic program is first and foremost an extension of our Catholic educational experience with a goal of providing wholesome and enjoyable use of extra-curricular time by our children through sports activities, while also teaching sport fundamentals, developing athletic skills, instilling self-worth, discipline and judgment, fostering good sportsmanship and, winning with grace and losing with dignity.