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Through the Sacrament of Anointing, Christ strengthens the faithful who are afflicted by illness, providing them with the strongest means of support. Jesus showed great concern for the bodily and spiritual welfare of the sick and commanded his followers to do the same. The celebration of this sacrament is an opportunity for the deepening of the faith of the community who are able to witness the faith and devotion of those being anointed.

Illness can bring on significant challenges. We are pleased to provide the Sacrament of the Sick when someone is seriously ill, or before a surgery or hospitalization. Please contact one of the parish priests at 414-258-2604 as soon as possible to find a time to celebrate this sacrament.

We are also pleased to provide special blessings, communion at home, or a visit from parishioners or one of the priests. To make a request, please contact the parish office at 414-258-2604 or email below.