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Tuition and Fee Information

Tuition Rates and Fees

Christ King Parish operates our school as an investment in the Catholic education of children, although our doors are open to all faiths. Many of our school families are registered Christ King parishioners, actively engaged in living and practicing their Catholic faith by:
  • Fulfilling the duty to myself(ourselves) and my (our)family to attend Mass on every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation
  • Teaching my(our) child(ren) through word and example to live their Catholic faith.
  • Participating in the Christ King Stewardship Program through committing my(our) time, talent, and treasure (tithing).
  • Adhering to all the policies and procedures as prescribed in the current Christ King School Handbook.
  • Having my (our) child(ren) full participating in all phases of religious education of Christ King School.  
For these families, the parish subsidizes the gap between actual school operating costs and tuition charged, along with offering a reduced school tuition rate. For reference, below is a breakdown of our 2018/19 reduced tuition rates for registered parishioners (active in faith and our Stewardship Program) and our non-reduced rates for non-parishioners. 
Registered Parishioners, Active
in Faith & Stewardship Program

1 Child (K3 - 2 Mornings a Week)*

$  1,750.00

1 Child (K3 - 3 Mornings a Week)*

$  2,425.00

1 Child (K3 - 5 Mornings a Week)*

$  3,625.00

1 Child (K4-8th Grade All Day)

$  4,425.00

2 Children (K4-8th Grade All Day)

$  8,750.00

3 Children (K4-8th Grade All Day)


4 Children (K4-8th Grade All Day)


5 Children (K4-8th Grade All Day)


1 child (K4 All Day)

$  4,425.00

1 child (K4 Half day)

$  3,825.00

2 children (K5-8th Grade + 1 K4 1⁄2 day)

$  8,150.00

3 children (K5-8th Grade + 1 K4 1⁄2 day)


4 children (K5-8th Grade + 1 K4 1⁄2 day)


5 children (K5-8th Grade + 1 K4 1⁄2 day)


Non-Parishioner Tuition Rates:
  • Each child K4-8 Full Day = $7,050
  • Each child K4 Half Day = $5,450

* K3 tuition rate is the same for parishioner and non-parishioner families.

Items Included in Tuition Rates
Additional Items that are part of our tuition rates include the "pre-tuition" amount (usually $275-$300) collected during the Registration process, field trips, retreats, assignment notebooks, bibles, headphones, milk, sacramental fees, graduation and kindergarten fees.
Additional Fees
Currently, areas that will require addtional fees throughout the school year include our Extended Day/Care Programs, Parish Auction/Gift Gathering Parties, Athletics, Home & School, Some Discovery Day Activities, School Pictures and The Archdiocese of Milwaukee “Soles for Catholic Education” walk / $150 buy-out fee.

Additional Tuition Rate Reductions & Assistance

Scrip Credits
SCRIP is a program that allows members of the school and/or parish to purchase gift certificates or gift cards for use at many local and national businesses. In return, these businesses give Christ King Parish a varying percent (anywhere from 1 to 25%) for each certificate or gift card purchased. Of the total credit, 75% goes to the designation chosen by the purchaser. The remaining 25% is used to cover SCRIP expenses. Many school families use their Scrip credit to lower their overall tuition bill. Credit earned for orders placed will be automatically reflected against your invoice.  Click here to read more information on the program along with other ways our parishioners use their credits.
Financial Assistance Program
The financial need for the Tuition Assistance Program of Christ King Parish is based on 175% of the government established standard of poverty. Additional allowances are made for families having documentation of excessive medical expenses or other unusual circumstances. Families requesting financial assistance are to complete applications which are available through the parish office or school website. Electronic enrollment through Smart Tuition is still required even if requesting financial assistance. The financial assistance form for the 2018/19 School year must be returned by June 14, 2018 in order to be considered. Applications accepted after the deadline may be subject to zero assistance funds availability, due to budget restrictions. For reference, the 2016 limits on gross income from all sources were:
Household Size
Household Income


School Tuition Payment Options and Billing & Collection

Payment Options
  • Option 1 – One Time tuition payment, usually due on or before the last day in July
  • Option 2 – Bi-Annual EFT payment plan. Payments in two installments, beginning the last day of July and January
  • Option 3 – 11 Month EFT payment plan. Payments over 11 consecutive months processed on the twenty-fifth of each month, beginning July 25 and ending May 25.

** All payments, regardless of plan chosen, are to be submitted through Smart Tuition electronically and NOT to Christ King. Any checks received at the parish office in error will be returned and you will be redirected to Smart Tuition to make your payments (electronically). All invoices will be sent electronically to the authorized email submitted at the time of enrollment through Smart Tuition. 

Electronic enrollment must be completed online by June 14, 2018 through Smart Tuition. This is a binding contract and changing financial conditions will not negate this contract. Considerations for such circumstances will be made by renegotiating the contract with the Parish Business Office of Christ King. I (We) understand that if this financial obligation to Christ King is not met, registration for the following year will not be accepted and student records will not be forwarded until the matter has been resolved. If a school family does not support the Parish by responding to the Stewardship program, the school family will be responsible for the full cost per student as a non-member. A $40.00 Fee will be assessed for any and each electronic payment that is past due.  Any payments returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF) will have an additional $30 fee assessed that will not be waived, as it is a charge directly to Smart Tuition from their bank.

Tuition Refunds: A refund of tuition will be made during the first 10 school days of the current school year. Following the 10-day time period, tuition is non-refundable.  A student transferring out of Christ King during the school year is responsible for the full year’s tuition.

Parent/Guardian - Enrollment via Smart Tuition by June 14, 2018

Collection Options 
Christ King partners with Smart Tuition for the collection of our tuition and several of our additional fee items. Here are just some of the benefits we can pass on to you with this partnership:
  • Select a payment method that works best for you!
    • Set up recurring automatic payments from your bank account or credit card
    • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted
  • Access your account online
    • Review account history, transaction details, and print monthly invoices
    • Edit your contact information, password, and payment method
    • Make a payment or set up recurring payments
  • Receive payment and follow up reminders
    • For recurring payments, a reminder is emailed 7-10 days before the due date
    • For missed payments and outstanding balances, you will receive an email and phone call
  • Speak with a customer service representative
    • Live agents are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • Call toll free to make payments and ask all questions at (888) 868-8828