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Music Ministries

Music making can be a profoundly human experience. Indeed, music is gift from God whereby we express and ponder many aspects of life and faith. When music draws the community of faith into an awareness of God and neighbor, beauty and holiness meet; the aesthetic and the prophetic embrace. 
Music renders a genuine, new possibility for facing God, the world, neighbors and ourselves. Through music, a community praises and enacts the mystery of God's self-giving. Music opens us to experience God. 
Many opportunities are available to share your talent. Are you interested in joining our music ministry?  Please contact our Director of Liturgical Music Bill Lieven at (414) 258-2604 ext. 22 - Email
Adult Choir
All are welcome to join our adult choir – you don’t need to be an exceptional vocalist!  We do not require auditions for this choir, but a pleasant voice and a willingness to learn are appreciated.  We enjoy our time together during rehearsals from September through June on Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm in the parish center. The adult choir leads our masses three or four times a month during varying Mass times.  We encourage you to try us out at a rehearsal before making a commitment to our group. We are in need of all voices types and especially tenors and basses. 
Cantors sing solo scripture passages or verses to which the congregation responds. High school students and adults are welcome to enjoy this ministry. An audition is required for the cantor ministry at Christ King as well as a basic understanding of singing.
Instrumental Group
Adults and high school students are invited to join this ministry which leads our Masses every other week from September through June. Rehearsal begins an hour before the scheduled Mass. We have a range of performers, including guitarists and violinists – and we would love to add more instruments to this ensemble. If you play any instrument, please consider sharing your gift with our community. We are especially seeking percussionists. 
Children's Choir  
Our children’s choir, consisting of children in grades 3 through 6, is a very special group. We rehearse on Wednesday afternoons from 2:15 pm until 3:15 pm starting in September and continuing through May. Auditions are not required. . . just bring a willingness to sing! Information is sent home each year through our Christ King School and religious education offices. 
Handbell Choir
The Handbell Choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings from 5:30 pm unitl 7:00 pm.  This group ornaments our Masses twice a month. Basic music reading skills are necessary for membership in this choir.  This is an intergenerational group, meaning children who are able to read music are welcomed to join the Handbell Choir with a parent or guardian who also rings in the group.    Please contact the Director of Liturgical Music for more information.   


2022-23 Opportunities:

2022-23 Adult Choir
Fall Music Preview:
Songs that will be sung with the Master Singers of Milwaukee at their November 20th concert; "Home for the Holidays":
Tenors & Basses Needed:

Our Adult Choir is need of tenors and basses.  Here’s the story; we had ten tenors and basses before Covid 19 shutdowns.  Now, with a few retirements, relocations, and deaths we have only three talented and dedicated guys.  This limits the kinds of repertoire the choir can perform.  With only three men, we need to choose music that is small scaled with very limited harmony.   This story is not unique to Christ King.  When I speak with my colleagues from other churches, they share similar challenges.   Ideally four basses and four tenors (women or men tenors) would help us to inspire our assemblies with beautiful choral music and continue to offer that music when the inevitable absences occur due to work obligations, family commitments or illness.  I know many of us can hear the difference.  When the choir has a big sound with full harmony, we get wonderful comments about how the choir inspired us that weekend.  When the choir is a bit thin on a given weekend, the comments are kind but usually acknowledge the need for a larger group with more men.  

Choir is great way to express your faith and have some fun at the same time.  Please EMAIL Bill Lieven if you would be willing to help or would like to observe a rehearsal before joining.