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Mass: Sa 4PM, Su 8 & 10:30AM

Liturgical Environment

Liturgical environment ministers help create a meaningful and pleasant spiritual atmosphere inside the church. We invite parishioners of all ages and talents to join our committee!  Most of our work happens during the time leading up to the Advent/Christmas season and the Lent/Easter season. Ministers are also called upon to assist with other special activities.  
We believe that you will find the work rewarding. It's a great way to meet parishioners, and the best part is that we have a WONDERFUL time!

Schedules are sent to all interested members--at the beginning of the Advent/Christmas season--and again at the beginning of the Lent/Easter season—with information about the types of work the need to be done. To learn more, contact Maggie Pernice at (414) 258-2604 ext. 23 - Email

This photo shows a small portion of our fabulous antique Italian nativity set, one of Christ King's cherished treasures. (To get an idea of the "scale" of this set, each of the sheep is roughly the size of a small beagle!) Liturgical environment ministers have the privilege and the awesome responsibility on handling and caring for this and other precious objects, both new and legacies from past generations.‚Äč