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Mass: Sa 4PM, Su 8 & 10:30AM

ACS Singers

ACS Singers

ACS or Adult Choir Support Singers is a list of singers with prior choral experience but no time for regular Adult Choir Rehearsals.  

Any Adult Choir occasionally needs an extra singer or two to cover absences due to illness or work/ family commitments.  If you have sung in another choir or currently do and have some availability for Mass on the weekends you might consider joining this list of experienced singers.  

How it works:

As a Christ King ACS Singer you will receive an "SOS" email invitation a week or so prior to the performance.  Your invitation will include needed voice parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass) and the music the choir is hoping to perform.   Our expectation is that you will review the score, learn the notes independently then  join us for the choir warm-up 1/2 hour before the Mass we are scheduled to sing.  You are welcomed to attend our regular Thursday Adult Choir rehearsal before the performance, but that is not our expectation.    

The reverse is also possible.  If you would like to sing with the choir on a particular Sunday, you may contact the Director of Liturgical Music to let him/her know you would like to sing with the choir for a particular Mass.  You would then receive the music and the details for that one performance.  

This ministry allows experienced singers with limited time during the week to share their love of choral singing with our parish community.