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SCRIP is a program that allows members of the school and/or parish to purchase gift certificates or gift cards for use at many local and national businesses. In return, these businesses give Christ King Parish a varying percent (anywhere from 1 to 25%) for each certificate or gift card purchased. Of the total credit, 75% goes to the designation chosen by the purchaser. The remaining 25% is used to cover SCRIP expenses. Examples include, but are not limited to: tuition reduction for you or another family (Christ King grade school or select high schools), Religious Education fee reduction for you or another family, or as a general donation to Christ King School, Christ King Parish, Tosa Trio, or Religious Education.

How does SCRIP work?

It's simple! You order gift cards for a grocery store, gas station, department store, or restaurant where you would normally make purchases. Then you use that gift card instead of cash or a check to pay for your groceries, fill up your gas tank, stock up on household needs, or enjoy a meal out. When you purchase Scrip gift cards there is no extra cost to you. This is money you would normally spend anyway.

How do families make a profit?

Each retailer sells the gift cards to participating groups at a discount ranging on average from 1 - 25%. Groups like Christ King purchase them and then sell the cards at face value, sharing the profit with Christ King families. Christ King families receive 75% of the profit from their purchases and the remaining 25% covers the administrative costs of running the Scrip program and fundraising for CK School.

Can you give an example?

Yes! If you purchase gas at Speedway, order Scrip in either $25 or $100 denominations. Pay for your gas by using this gas card. Speedway offers a 4% return. If you ordered a $100 card, you would receive a $3 tuition credit and $1 would go to Christ King to cover expenses for this purchase. Used regularly, Scrip can add up to a significant amount, and be put toward your School, Religious Ed or Tosa Trio tuition. Many families have received $200 - $400 annual credit by using Scrip.

How else can SCRIP be used?

Many people order Scrip gift cards for grocery stores including Sendiks, Pick n Save, Graschs, and Sentry; gas purchases including Shell, Mobil, and Speedway; and restaurants or fast food places including Burger King, Starbucks, Arbys, Culvers and MANY others. Scrip gift cards also make great gifts.

What is the procedure for SCRIP at Christ King?

SCRIP is sold bi-monthly during the school year and monthly during the summer. The credit is tracked and accrues annually from July 1st to June 30th. Your credit will be posted and applied per your designation.

What are some of the Key Terms?

SCRIP - the name of a program - the website that orders are processed through (Christ King's school code is 2DLC3AC91613)

PrestoPay - a sub-program that gives you the ability to pay for orders on-line, for a small fee (approx. $0.15 per order). It is similar to PayPal. *You can purchase ScripNow and Card Reloads with PrestoPay 24/7.

ScripNow - Certain stores give you the ability to purchase gift certificates that are delivered to you electronically (into your shopwithscrip account). You do not wait for the weekly delivery, as you print them on your own shortly after the coordinator approves the order. *you must abide by order schedule

Card Reload - Certain stores allow you to register your gift card and add money to that card. You do not wait for the weekly delivery, as you already have the card. The increase amount you added to your card is on the card shortly after the coordinator approves the order. *you must abide by order schedule

Save money on:

  • Christ King School and local Catholic High School (within program guidelines) Tuition bill
  • Christ King Parish Religious Education and Tosa Trio bill

Did you know that you can:

  • Select another family to redeem your earnings, or donate to Christ King School or Parish
  • Accrue earnings (or a portion of your earnings) up to 3 years prior to use
  • Credits range between 1 and 25%, depending on the store.

The SCRIP program is on-line and easy to use:

  • The SCRIP earning year runs from July 1st through June 30th
  • Orders are processed 2x/month during the school year, 1x/month during the summer
  • You can purchase ScripNow and Card Reloads with PrestoPay 24/7