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Auction - Feb 24 2018

Christ King Auction Supporting Event


Mathnasium of Wauwatosa

Mathnasium of Wauwatosa is a brand new math-only learning center on 70th and North (former Bartz Party Store). At Mathnasium, the focus is on building student confidence, making math fun, and upgrading their foundational math knowledge whether they are struggling or advanced in math. As a special offer to Christ King families, Mathnasium will donate $149 (initial investment fee) back to Christ King for each family that enrolls this school year!


A Message from the 2018 Auction Committee:


Chair: Karen Bressanelli & Members: Holly Anguil, Kathy Barczak, Shelley Harrington & Steph Merz

A HUGE thank you to all who supported our 2018 Christ King Parish Auction!  The night glittered with glamour and generosity, as again, we were overwhelmed with our community's willingness to donate to and support our Parish and School.  

There are not enough thank you's for all of those who:
  • Donated at a gift gathering party
  • Donated to a class basket
  • Donated an item/gift card
  • Sponsored the event
  • Advertised in the program
  • Bought an item
  • Participated in a raffle
  • Raised the Paddle
  • Joined us Saturday evening 
  • Volunteered their time
  • Cleaned up all of the glitter on Sunday...
Every single one of those actions helped us experience a tremendous event, all to celebrate what we have at Christ King Parish and to ensure that our campus, community and faith are supported in the coming years.
If you purchased an item and have not picked it up, it is available in the Parish Office for you. 


A Message from Fr. Phillip:


A word of thanks to all who helped make last weekend’s annual Parish Social and Auction such a great success. While the financial numbers are still being compiled, it is clear this will be the most successful event we have ever had. I am still on cloud nine about how things went.
The trend has continued of a full capacity event of nearly 400 people that represents all parts of our parish. As well as an important source of funds for our parish mission, this event is a truly fun event and a time to celebrate new and old friendships. The “Screaming Cucumbers” concluded the night with great music and dancing.
Thank you to the spectacular volunteers who work all year long to make this happen. Thanks to many of you who sponsored the event and gave in various ways.
Most of all thanks to our amazing leadership team who is completing their two-year term. Thanks to Holly Anguil, Kathy Barczak, Shelley Harrington, and Stephanie Merz. They worked closely with our incredible chairperson Karen Bressanelli. We are lucky to have the leadership of Karen and her husband Mike in so many ways in the parish and I am grateful for their “yes” to bring our auction to the high level it is at now.   Make sure you are in attendance next year here at Christ on February 23, 2019. I am grateful to Barb Mantych & Stacey Potrzebowski who have graciously taken on the role as co-chairs for the next several years.
Lasstly, as is my tradition, I ask attendees at the auction to give a little extra than they had planned (“Raise the Paddle”). This is for a practical project that we have had trouble accomplishing through the budget or might enhance the parish and need a little boost.
This year, I asked us to invest in upgrading our sound systems and possibly add some A/V equipment if we can. We hope to install a sound system in the parish center dining room, to fix the one in North Hall, and to make repairs to our church sound system that is declining in quality as it ages. Attendees added $54,000 to their total to help move these projects along. I was quite shocked at this level of generosity. The last several years we have gave an “extra” $30,000, which is a very large extra donation. So the large number was a surprise to us all and hopefully a sign of confidence in the mission of the parish at this present moment.   If you want to contribute to this project, I encourage you to do so. Contact me or simply make a donation with the notation “Raise the Paddle.”