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Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee is the face of Christ King’s Welcoming Evangelization. The Hospitality Committee coordinates New Member Registration and Welcome, Parish Ambassadors (at-Mass greeters/ushers), Tapas Saturday/Donut Sunday and other related activities.

If you're interested in learning more or becoming involved in helping out with these activities, EMAIL Julie Gundersen.


Committee Mmbrs

  • Very Rev Phillip Bogacki Pastor
  • Rev Will Arnold Asc. Pastor
  • Julie Gundersen Chair
  • Fran Clemens Staff Liason, 414.217.5335
  • Jim DeGuzman: Pastoral Liason
  • Steve DeLonge
  • Kathy Mount
  • Kevin P. O'Brien
  • Mary Wagy
  • Patti Obligato
  • Ivana Dicastri
  • Pattie Hughes
  • Sue Morris
  • Brigid Misfeldt