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Parish committees collaborate with the pastor and Pastoral and Finance Councils to advance the mission of Christ King Parish. The five Standing Committees (Prayer & Worship, Hospitality, Formation & Discipleship, Human Concerns and Stewardship) gather for Common Meeting Night.
Additional information about these committees can be found in our Ministry and Service Guide.
  • Consultative Bodies Meeting Schedule:
  • Committee Common Night Minutes:
2019/20: Wednesdays, September 11, October 23, December 11, January 15, March 25, May 6, May 20. 

Formation and Discipleship Committee

This committee represents all formation programs at Christ King Parish. This committee takes an intentional look at each program’s role in advancing the missionary-focus of Christ King Parish by helping formation programs and ministries discover ways to invite new participants and experience personal and community growth toward holiness and discipleship. Ministries included on this committee are: School, Faith Formation (Religious Education), Youth Ministry, RCIA, and all Sacramental and Adult Formation. Chairs: Rich Vetrano, EMAIL, 414-559-0547; Tim Garczynski, EMAIL, 414-750-2289

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee is the face of Christ King’s welcoming evangelization. The Hospitality Committee coordinates new member registration and welcome, weekend fellowships, and other special events throughout the year. The Hospitality Committee continually explores new opportunities for the parish to reach out to parishioners and to the community. Chair: Julie Gundersen, EMAIL, 414-475-7208

Human Concerns Committee

The Human Concerns Committee strives to help Christ King Parish live out Jesus’ call to be missionary disciples as an extension of God’s love, compassion and mercy to neighbors near and far, and to help the parish become informed and participatory in the Catholic Church’s social justice teachings and initiatives. This is accomplished through direct service, education, prayer, and financial support. This is a combined outreach effort with the Saint Bernard Parish Human Concerns Committee. Chair: Maureen Stern, EMAIL, 414-698-8056. See How We Give!

Prayer & Worship Committee

Prayer and worship are the cornerstones of a mission-focused parish. Members of this committee dialogue with the pastor and staff discussing the direction, style and frequency of parish worship and devotional experiences. Chair: Carol Weiland, EMAIL, 414-369-1474

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee seeks to help create and sustain an environment of intentional Christian stewardship by emphasizing God’s call to live as holy, faithful, and generous sharers of the blessings given to each of us. The Stewardship Committee assists the pastor with parish time, talent and treasure appeals. Chair: Joe Pickart, EMAIL, 414-339-9724

Building & Grounds Committee

A sub-committee of the Christ King Finance Council, the Buildings & Grounds Committee monitors the physical condition and maintenance of parish buildings and property. Chair: Steve Ruys, EMAIL, 414-774-3890

School Advisory Committee

A sub-committee of the Formation & Discipleship Committee, the Christ King School Committee meets as needed to assist the school principal regarding policy decisions for the school. Chair: Interim Principal, Mrs. Iva Discastri, EMAIL, 414-258-4160



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