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Many standing committees and sub-committees advance the mission of Christ King Parish, working in collaboration with the parish’s Pastoral Council. Additional information about these committees can be found in our Ministry and Service Guide.
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Hospitality Committee
The Hospitality Committee is the face of Christ King’s Welcoming Evangelization.  The Hospitality Committee coordinates New Member registration and welcome, Parish Ambassadors (at-Mass greeters/ushers), and Tapas Saturday/Donut Sunday. Chair: Katy Schroeder Peterson
Human Concerns Committee
The Human Concerns Committee, and its many sub-committees, oversee parish outreach by supporting those in need within our parish and community. Chair: Maureen Stern
The Stewardship Committee seeks to help create an environment of Christian stewardship by assisting the pastor with Time, Talent, and Treasure appeals for the parish. Chair: Joe Pickart
Prayer & Worship Committee
The Worship Committee is responsible for the public prayer experiences at Christ King Parish.  Members of the Worship Committee represent our faith community at large, and dialogue with the Pastor and Staff to set the direction, style and frequency of our worship experiences. Chair: Carol Weiland   
Formation and Discipleship Committee
This newly formed committee represents all formation programs at Christ King Parish.  Some of the ministries included on this committee are: School Advisory Committee, Children's Faith Formation (Religious Education), Youth Ministry, RCIA, and all Sacramental and Adult Formation. Contact: Parish Office
Building & Grounds Committee

A sub-committee of the Christ King Finance Council, the Buildings & Grounds Committee monitors the physical condition and maintenance of parish buildings and property. Chair: Steve Ruys

Technology Committee

A sub-committee of the Christ King Finance Council, the Technology Committee assesses and monitors parish technology needs and improvements.

School Advisory Committee

A sub-committee of the Formation & Discipleship Committee, the Christ King School Advisory Committee assists the principal regarding policy decisions for the school. Chair: Theran Motl