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Mrs. Simko, MS Literature

Mrs. Simko
6th, 7th, 8th Literature



Class Information  

We believe the mission of Christ King School is to be a witness of Christ, as we educate our children to recognize, accept, and respect Jesus in ourselves and others.


"Your life becomes a masterpiece when you learn to master peace

[by placing trust in God]."


Please check the student pages below for daily work, homework help and clarification, and any updates.  Please feel free to work ahead on annotation, work packets, dialectical journal, or anything that you feel you can to get ahead or minimize homework time.

I will plan activities for the week ahead and proceed through the material. If we do not finish the material or need to work on as homework, I will list this in the homework note below. This will be updated daily.

6th Weekly LESSON PLAN

Topic/Unit: Novel - Short Story/Background Information - Novel: Sounder. Please have your novels each day!

7th Weekly LESSON PLAN

Topic/Unit:  Short Story/Novel   - Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.  Please have your novels each day!

8th Weekly LESSON PLAN

Topic/Unit: Novel - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  Please have your novels each day!


Upcoming Events


See Plans, Websites, and Calendar!  

Sometimes things change and plans are adjusted.
Please check the class page as the week progresses for specific changes in due dates and daily activities!

MS Calendar

March 2019
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7th SS Quiz
March 4, 2019
8th LA essay
March 12, 2019
8th LA essay
March 25, 2019
6th LA quiz
March 25, 2019
7th LA quiz
March 27, 2019