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Sister Beth Schmitz, 2nd Grade

Sister Beth Schmitz
Second Grade Teacher


Class Information


Welcome to Sister Beth's 2A Class!


"Take This all of you and eat it.  This is My Body."

Religion:  Describe sacraments of service of communion, recognize life of service through Holy Orders, as demonstrated by the Pope.  Our week will also be filled with First Communion activities.

Reading:  Our Story this week is an informational story titled COWBOYS.  This is a story about the cowboys of the old west and how they would herd cattle from place to place.

Spelling/Phonics:  Our word sorts/spelling words this week are as follows:  -dge, -ge, r,l, n+ge;  thr, shr, and squ.  Please study a few words each night, so your child doesn't have to cram the night before the test.  The test will be on Friday. 5/17.

English:  Use of commas.

Math:   We will continue measuring  in inches, feet, and yards as well as centimeters and meters.  We will also explore area and perimeter. Mrs. Gucciardi will be in on Thursday 5/16 to test the children on their math facts.

Science:   In science this week we will continue our study of space. 

Handwriting:  We will practice trace and write the cursive letters M, H, K, and V.



Music:  Monday

Gym:  Tuesday and Thursday (Wear gym shoes.)

Technology:  Tuesday and Wednesday

Art:  Wednesday

Spanish:  Thursday

Library:  Friday  (Please return library books in a timely fashion, so your child may check another book.)











Looking Ahead!


5/14  Jimmy Johns for those who paid

5/15  MAP Testing

5/15  Early Dismissal 2:00

5/16  All School Mass 8:00

5/16  Religion Test

5/18  First Communion rehearsal 10:00 and 11:00

5/18  First Communion 4:30 Mass

5/19  First Communion 8:00 and 10:30 Mass