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Ms. Phillips, K4 All Day

Ms. Phillips
K4 Full day


Class Information

K4 - Where dreams really do come true

In our classroom we read, write, build, experiment, sing, laugh, estimate, count, play, explore, measure, draw, explain, wonder, discover and learn.


Field Trip Pictures:

Pumpkin Farm:



Letter of the Week

We will be learning about the letter Ff.  Bring things for Happy Hippo that begin with the letter Ff.

Glue feathers on the letter F. 

Do some fingerpainting!


King/Queen of the week

Coming in January!


Happenings in K4

 We will learn about owls, the first Thanksgiving and make a turkey puppet.




A is for Alligator!





B is for Bandaids, Butterfly, Bubbles and Banana Split Sundaes!

C is for Camping!


D is for dinosaur feet and hats and decorating donuts!!!

E is for egg shakers!




F is for finger-painting and flashlights!



G is for Gobble Gobble and George!



H is for horses!


Jj is for jingle bells!


Ll is for lacing cards!


Pp is for popcorn and drive in movie day!


November 12 - Field trip to Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

November 16 - Thanksgiving prayer service @2:15

November 20 - K4, K5 Thanksgiving program @8:00

November 21, 22, 23 - No school