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Ms. Nass, Physical Education

Ms. Nass
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Middle School Social Studies - Policies and Curriculum (2017-2018)


Student Expectations

*come to class prepared - do not forget any of your materials

*be responsible for your own work and behavior

*respect yourself, your peers, the classroom, and instructors

*stay ORGANIZED and turn in assignments on time

*don’t be afraid to come in for extra help or to get clarification on assignments/projects/tests

*keep up with any missing work resulting from absences and be responsible for finding out what that work is



If a student misses a class, it is their responsibility to find out what was missed and make up any notes/work that needs to be done

In case of an extended absence, please contact me via e-mail, so that we may make arrangements

Make-up Work:

Students will have the same number of days they were absent to make up their class assignments for full credit. For example, if a student is out sick for 2 days, they will have two days to make up any work that was completed during that time.

Exceptions will be made for extended absences and unusual circumstances; however, it is always the student’s responsibility to get missing assignments/handouts/notes and then complete them in a timely fashion.

Tests and quizzes should be made up as soon as possible by appointment. This may or may not be during class. If it is during class, the student must get the notes/work from that day.

Late Homework:

Assignments that are not completed on time will receive a zero until it is turned in, and then it will be given a reduced grade. The longer an assignment is missing, the lower the grade will be.

There may be times when I will ask students to stay in during recess to complete a missing assignment.

If an assignment is lost, only 1 extra copy will be given. If that copy is then lost, the grade will be a zero.  It is very vital that students stay organized and not misplace work.


Extra Help/Office Hours:

Students are welcome to come in and ask questions or get extra study help

Students should check in first to make sure that I will be available to help them


Grade Breakdown:

In-class assignments, Participation -- 15%

Homework -- 25%

Quizzes and Tests -- 40%

Projects and Large Assignments -- 20%


Course Objective:

Students will understand the geography of the regions being studied

Students will gain knowledge and a deeper understanding of historical events in the U.S. and around the world

Students will discuss how events of the past and impacted our current events


Course Topics:

6th Grade


Ancient Egypt

Ancient China

Ancient India

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Ancient Israel


7th Grade  

Geography - Quarters 1 and 2

Land forms

Cause and effect

Current life and issues

World History - Quarters 3 and 4

Early Colonies

Road to the Revolutionary War

Creating a new nation

A changing nation


8th Grade

American History

North and South divide

Westward expansion

Civil War




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