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Mrs. Lesko, K5

Mrs. Lesko
K5 Teacher

Class Information

Welcome to K5A

So many changes, so much growth, so much FUN!
Kindergarten...what a great place to be!
Important Information:
  • Valentine's Day:  Due to Valentine's Day falling on a day when the students do not have school it has been decided to move our classroom Valentine's Day celebrations to THURSDAY, 2/13. The boys and girls are invited to bring a valentine for all of their classmates. An email will be sent with a list of the boys and girls in K5A.
  • No School: The boys and girls will not have school on Friday, 2/14 or Monday, 2/17 due to a teacher In-service.
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences:  Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 20th from 4:00-7:00. These conferences are NOT mandatory. If you have a question or concern about your child's progress and would like to meet, please email me so we can schedule a time on the 20th.
Mystery Reader:  Fridays @ 2:30 (please stop by the office to let them know you are our Mystery Reader) 
More dates have been added to the Mystery Reader Sign-up page.
February 13th-Valentine's Day
15 cupcakes or cookies:  Waldoch
As always...if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me.



Love One Another
Hail Mary
 Meal Prayer
For all food yummy.
That fills my tummy.
Thank you, God.

Language Arts

Readers use Persistence Power
Readers use Book Talk Power
Word Family
Snap Words (sight words) 
get, said
(Review: make, play, and, where, are, of, that, go, in, down, out, with, this, is, not, as, run, for, big, little, have, like, to, do, you, we, God, I, can, me, see, my, on, the, a, the)
Snap Word Book
The Mitten
Presidents Day
Correct formation of the letters in our 1st and last names
Writers Workshop
Sentences begin with an uppercase letter.
Sentences have spaces between each word.
Sentences have an ending mark (period, question mark, exclamation point)
Using our Word Books to write sentences


Addition with manipulatives
Greater than, Less than, Equal 
Pennies & Nickels
Place Value

Science/Social Studies

Dental Health

K5A Specials Schedule

Monday: Library
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: Gym
Friday: Gym



Upcoming Events

4----100th Day
5----Field Trip to the Zoo
14--No School:  Teacher In-Service
17--No School
20--Conferences 4:00-7:00
21--No School
25--Mardi Gras
26--Ash Wednesday