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Mr. Kloser, 4th Grade

Mr. Kloser
4th Grade Teacher
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Welcome to 4A!

A serious class for a serious world.



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Christ the King




September.  What better way to learn about Wisconsin's glacial landforms than to create your own?  4th graders used their hands instead of a glacier, but the models look great.

October.  We studied animal adaptations at the zoo.

November.  Team Beep Beep the Sheep competes in a spirited Kahoot reading review contest on the new Chromebooks.

December. Building bridges with our 1st grade buddies.

January. A visit from the History dude.

March. We capped of our study of the early Wisconsin lumber industry by having a traditional lumberjack breakfast.

March.  The 4th grade led the Stations of the Cross for the school before Easter.

April.  George taught us about the Milwaukee civil rights fighter, Fr. Groppi, at our wax museum to wrap up our biography unit.

April.  Maddie Hodges tells of the life of Marie Curie.



Lots of useful resources  are available on Platform 9 3/4 including book talk & spelling directions, prayers & examination of conscience, math review videos & games, and social studies study guides.  Click below to go to explore.

Upcoming Events

5/22 Madison Capitol Field Trip
5/23 Talent Show
5/28 Memorial Day (No School)
6/1 8th grade graduation
6/7 Last day of school. Dismissal and report cards after 8:00 mass.