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Mrs. Kleier, K5


Mrs. Kleier
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Welcome to K5B!


The Week of March 23rd, 2020

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Lessons for the Week

The Fourth Week of Lent-The Gospel this past weekend spoke about Jesus curing a blind man and the physical and spiritual aspects of sight and light. God makes himself visible in our lives, through the good or happy occurrences.  God works in us, even in dark times, shining a light of hope and faith and offering healing for body, heart, or soul. God not only works in us, but also walks with us through all the good and the bad.
Saint of the Week-
St. Joseph
Prayers to Practice
-Making the sign of the cross
-Our Father
-Hail Mary
Reader's Workshop-
mini book-
"Thank You God for Spring"
sight words"snap words"-
new, into, all
word family "-ig"
The first word in a sentence starts with an uppercase letter
Use finger spaces between words in a sentence.
Using punctuations at the end of a sentence.
"We Love Spring"
Greater or Less Than
Science/Social Studies
Discovering the 8 planets in our Solar System
The Season of Spring
Astronaut Adventure control panel and helmet

Space Adventure


Winter Fun


Thanksgiving Puppet Show



All Saints Day



We all love the children's book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"-But what if you were asked, "If You Give a Kid a Catholic Education........"

Penguin Exploration

Upcoming Events

3--Hansel & Gretel North Hall 9am
6--No School/Teacher Inservice
9--No School
11--Pep Rally "Padre Serra"
13 to 20--Book Fair
16--Field Trip to Planetarium
17--Wear Green "Happy St. Pat's"
20--Stations of the Cross 2:15 gym
26--K5 Astronaut Adventure Day
27--Astronaut Adventure Day
27--3rd Quarter Ends
30--Locks for Love 2:15 gym


Safer at Home