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Extended Care Program

Christ King School is dedicated to providing a faith-based, Catholic educational program for students to grow that is aligned with our parish’s mission statement. The extended care program assists Christ King School families in the safekeeping of their children after school. This program offers an extension of our high-quality, faith-based school environment which helps students grow academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. The welcoming and professional approach present during our school day—combined with our strong school and faith community—complements and enhances this program. Extended Care reinforces the school’s philosophy of developing the whole child and the school’s mission of respecting and finding Jesus in everyone we meet. The program provides a balance of extended learning structure and play-based activities for students after school hours. Additionally, older students will have the opportunity to complete their own assignments as part of their stay in the extended care program and/or assist others with the completion of schoolwork.

The extended care team is comprised of safety-trained caregivers who work to provide a safe and loving environment where students are cared for, respected, and supported at all times. Opportunities for study and play are provided in a supervised setting and extends the mission carried out every day at Christ King School. Therefore, all rules and policies for the school day are complied with during the extended care program hours.


It is strongly recommended that families register for extended care if the possibility exists for using this service. Registration forms will be available online or from the extended care team. There is a $50 non-refundable registration fee due with registration to confirm your child or children’s spot in the extended care program. This fee helps offset the cost of various program needs including, but not limited to program staffing, computer software costs, cleaning supplies, and other operational costs. 


Hours of Operation and Cost

Cavalier Club
  • End of School* - 6:00 PM 
  • Cost: $30/day (Please Note: If a child is picked up late from Cavalier Club, there is a $10 per hour per child late fee for every 10 minutes late.)
Extended care is not offered on non-school days, but it is offered on early dismissal days. The extended care team will communicate these dates and costs in advance to families registered for the program. 
* School ends at 2:00 PM on Wednesdays, but 3:00 PM on the other weekdays.


Scheduling Extended Care

The registration process (form and fee) provides a general idea of which days families need care. Mrs. Tarpey, Director of Extended Care Programs, can usually accommodate registered students on a non-scheduled day, as long as families communicate the change of plans (as early as possible) to Mrs. Tarpey and the classroom teacher.
If your child becomes ill during extended care, parents will be contacted, as is standard protocol with the school, and parents are expected to pick them up or have a reliable emergency contact person to assist. 
Scheduling and Billing 

All extended care payments are done with our online school tuition program partner “Blackbaud.” The payments for extended care will be charged on a monthly basis. 
The schedule and registration payment secures your child’s space in extended care. This allows flexibility to serve all families should the need arise. If the schedule is not received on time, the team will determine that no extended care is needed. Unscheduled space cannot be guaranteed. We understand that schedules do change, so we do permit late registrations if space is available. Families are asked to use the form available online through the website.  


  • After School: Snacks will be served, but can be brought (a water bottle as well) from home if preferred. Soda is not permitted.
Please Note: All extended care is a peanut-free zone.

  • All students enrolled at Christ King School are eligible for the services provided by the extended care program. 
  • As an extension of Christ King School, the extended care team follows all policies and expectations outlined in the Christ King School Parent/Student Handbook. 
  • The safety and security of the children in extended care are of utmost importance. All parents or other approved adults picking a child up from the extended care program must use the buzzer to gain entry into the building. Parents and students are not allowed to open the doors to the school building to visitors, regardless of whether or not they are familiar. 
  • The extended care team will not permit access to the building for parents or students to gather forgotten homework or supplies. Please do not ask the extended care team members to open classroom doors. 
  • When picking up a child from extended care, please make sure to make “face time” with one of the extended care team members in addition to following check-out procedures. 
  • The extended care program does provide time for “quiet study” and caregivers will make every effort to assist students; however, it is not the responsibility of the extended care employees if homework is not completed. That is the responsibility of the student. 
The Extended Care Team 

  • Contact Mrs. Amy Tarpey, Director of Extended Care Programs, at 414-258-4160 or