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Mrs. Dahm, MS Math


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Mondays:  Adding and subtracting decimal  word problems
Tuesdays: Surface area of a rectangular prism and a triangular prism
Wednesdays: Adding and subtracting integers
Thursdays: Equivalent ratio word problems
Fridays/Weekend: Adding and subtracting  fractions
Mondays: Dividing decimals
Tuesdays: Surface area of a cylinder
Wednesdays: Multiplying and dividing integers
Thursdays: Proportion Word Problems
Fridays/Weekends; Multiplying Fractions
Weeks 7-9
Mondays:   Multiplying Decimals
Tuesdays: Volume 1
Wednesdays: Negative Number addition and subtraction word problems
Thursdays: Rate Problems
Friday: Dividing Fractions
Weeks 9-10
Mondays: One step equations with decimals and fractions
Tuesdays: Circumference of a circle
Wednesday: Area of a circle
Thursdays: Finding the LCM
Fridays: Finding the GCF

Incoming Seventh Graders 

Weeks 1-3
Mondays: Converting Decimals to percents
Tuesdays: Scientific Notations
Wednesdays: Percent of Change
Thursdays: Combining Like Terms
Fridays: Distributive Property
Weeks 4-6
Mondays: Evaluating Expressions
Tuesdays: Proportion Word Problems
Wednesdays: One Step equations with fractions
Thursdays: One-step inequalities
Fridays: Surface area of rectangular prisms
Weeks 7-10
Mondays: Two step equations
Tuesdays: Ratio word problems
Wednesdays: Two step equations with decimals and fractions
Thursdays: One step equation word problems
Fridays: Surface area of triangular prisms and cylinders

Incoming 8th graders (7D)

Weeks 1-3
Mondays: Two step equations
Tuesdays: Combining Like Terms
Wednesdays: Surface area of rectangular prisms
Thursdays: Two step equations with decimals and fractions
Fridays: Simplifying Expressions
Weeks 4-6
Mondays: Dividing Mixed Numbers
Tuesdays: Factoring Expressions
Wednesdays: Surface Area of Triangular prisms
Thursdays: Equations with variables on both sides
Fridays: Scientific Notation Practice/Slope from a Line
Weeks 7-9
Mondays: Subtracting mixed numbers
Tuesdays: Percent Word Problems
Wednesdays: Translate one step equations and solve
Thursdays: Proportion Word Problems
Fridays: Surface Area of Cylinders
Week 10
Monday: Ratio word problems
Tuesday: Discount, Tax, and tip word problems
Wednesday: Adding in scientific notations
Thursday: Proportion Word problems
Friday: Create equations to solve for missing angles

Incoming 8th graders (7C)

Weeks 1-3
Mondays: Slope intercept equation from graph
Tuesdays: Surface Area of a rectangular prism
Wednesdays: Adding in scientific notation
Thursdays: Discount, Tax, and tip word problems
Fridays: Surface area of cylinders
Weeks 4-6
Mondays: Graph from linear standard form
Tuesdays: Linear equation word problems
Wednesdays: Solving systems of equations using substitution
Thursdays: Factoring Expressions
Fridays: Surface area of triangular prisms
Weeks 5-7
Mondays: Equation practice with angles
Tuesday: Graphing equations in standard form
Wednesday: Solving systems of equations using elimination
Thursdays: Percent of Change
Fridays: Proportion Word problems
Weeks 8-9
Mondays: Similar Figures and indirect measurement
Tuesdays: Volume of a Rectangular and Triangular Prism
Wednesdays: Volume of Cylinders
Thursdays: Area of odd  shaped figures
Fridays: Angles in polygons






  • There will be approximately two to three quizzes per chapter. Please reference the middle school calendar for all dates. 
  • Quizzes can be corrected for half credit back but must be returned the following day in order to receive that credit. 
  • There are no retakes on Unit Tests. Please come prepared. All tests will be sent home for a signature and students must correct all mistakes. YOU CANNOT EARN POINTS BACK ON TEST CORRECTIONS. YOU GET WHAT YOU GET. 
  • Student grades are weighted. The grading program mathematically computes your child's grade, based on the following weights: 

TESTS: 40%



ENGAGEMENT: 10% (class participation, meeting with me, group participation. Consider this FREE EXTRA CREDIT!)


Homework has three symbols in the grade books.

  1. 100% means they correctly did all their problems.
  2. 88% means that a student got two wrong or less. If a child receives an 88%, they are able to make as many corrections as they want until they receive a 100%, but it is not required.  Corrections should be done when they receive the assignment back. They are not accepted after the Unit Test. 
  3. 0% means that the student had more than 2 wrong, and corrections are mandatory. Do not panic when you see a 0. It is simply a symbol that they need to make corrections and owe work. 
Every middle school student should have the following for every class:
  1. Pencil
  2. Red pen
  3. Whiteboard Marker (please label)
  4. Binder
  5. Looseleaf
  6. Calculator (please label)
  7. Textbook (6th only)

Textbooks are only used in sixth grade. They are able to leave their textbooks in my classroom. 

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