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Mrs. Callahan, 1st Grade

Mrs. Callahan
1st Grade Teacher




Class Information

Welcome to First Grade, where the little things matter.



Computers & Library 


Art & P.E.


Music & Early Release 2pm

Thursday Mass & Computers & P.E.
Friday First Grade Friends & Fourth Grade Friends


We are working with base ten blocks and building our number fluency.  The kids will:
  • Represent numbers 11-19 as composed of a ten and the correct number of ones.
  • Represent the numbers 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 as composed of the correct number of tens.
  • Identify the value of each digit represented ina two digit number. 
  • Identify the value of each digit of a number within 100.
I have finished testing everyone in Reading.  We will start a new round of guided reading groups this week.  We will focus on close reading skills and zoom in on: 
  • Identifying character feelings.
  • Identifying key details.
We will be focusing on plural nouns. 


Chapter 11 is all about how Jesus teaches us forgiveness.  The kids will hear the Bible story of Zacchaeus, a tax collector.  They will learn that God's Laws help them make good choices.  The children will come to understand the importance of saying they are sorry when they have chosen to do wrong. Finally, they will learn that God is always ready to forgive them. 



We are back into writing our nonfiction chapter books.  This week the kids will:

  • Finish their table of contents (write chapter titles) and make revisions as necessary.  



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Science:  We are starting our unit on Sound.  The kids will:

  • make vibrations with different objets to make a sound
  • use sound to make an object vibrate
  • sort objects by their ability to allow light pass through 
  • define reflection and make light reflect with a mirror
  • predict the path of light
  • explain why a shadow is made


Handwriting:  We will be working on the letters Y and Z. 










Upcoming Events

1/11 Spirit Wear
1/20 Brayden's VIP week
1/20 Kohl's Wild Theater - Wisconsin Wonderland
1/20 CK Shadow Day
1/25 Spirit Wear 
1/27 Catholic School Week starts
1/29 6-8 Open House 
2/4 Molly M's VIP week
2/8 St. Camillus Trip 
2/13 Valentine Party 
2/14 No School Conferences 8-10 and 3-7
2/15 No School
2/23 CK Auction