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Mrs. Callahan, 1st Grade

Mrs. Callahan
1st Grade Teacher




Class Information

Welcome to First Grade, where the little things matter.



Computers & Library 


Art & P.E.


Music & Early Release 2pm

Thursday Mass & Computers & P.E.
Friday First Grade Friends & Fourth Grade Friends


We will:
  • identify a penny, nickle, dime, quarter and dollar 
  • identify value of each coin 
  • count various coins to get a total amount
We will identify major events using key details from the story.
crop skin wax gum these safe vote rule wipe Jesus 


This week we will add our final touches to our prayer boxes and start writing prayers as a way to grow closer to Jesus during the Lenten season. 



We are starting our new unit in Writing, Writing Reviews. We will spend several weeks on this new unit.  This week my goal is to continue our work with our collection boxes.  

  • Students will decide which object is the best and give reasons using the word BECAUSE
  • Students will learn that when they have an opinion, when they judge something, they need to give a couple reasons (not just one) and give details about each reason
  • Students will start to write their first draft while applying good spelling strategies.
  • Students will use the rubric for opinion writing to cross check their work and then make necessary changes.  The goal is on reflection, and improving what has been done.
  • Students will add "sparkle" words to their opinion piece. 


Science:  We are starting our unit on life cycles.  We will examine frogs first, then butterflies.  This will lay the foundation for their own research project on an animal of their choosing.  










Upcoming Events

3/15 St. Patrick's Party
3/15 Irish Dancers 
3/22 Stations of the Cross 
3/25 Locks for Love 
3/29 End of the 3rd Quarter 
4/1 Chicken Soup with Rice- Fleming 
4/5 Report Cards go home
4/5 Stations of the Cross 2:15
4/10 Kohl's Wild Theater -Finding Harmony
4/12 Last Trip to St. Camillus
4/17 Stations of the Cross 
4/18 Holy Thursday- NO SCHOOL until 4/29
4/21 Happy Easter!