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as of 7/26/20

Mr. Brown, MS Religion

Mr. Brown
Middle School Teacher - Religion



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8th Grade Religion

This year, the students will focus their studies on two major topics as we progress through the year.

1st Quarter- Catholic Social Teachings-The 8th graders will know and review the 7 themes of our Catholic faith as they revolve around our Catholic Social Teachings.  Through our study, the students will begin to see how they can relate the 7 themes to their own lives, the school community, their families and our culture.  Students will look and study real world events and policies to see how they relate to our Catholic Social Teachings.  

2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter-Church History- Starting in the 2nd quarter and also the 3rd quarter, we will study Church History.  We will start with Pentecost, and work our way to the present time.  The Catholic Church is the longest lasting structure in the world.  We will talk about the challenges the church has overcome, the beauty of the history of the church, and why it has survived for over 2,000 years.  We will end our study with a review of the Sacraments.  I want to make sure they have a solid understanding of the Sacraments before they go to high school.

7th Grade Religion

We will spend time this year getting to know Jesus and his teachings.  During his time, Jesus challenged the belief structures that were ipresent. The students will be challenged to think about what Jesus was challenging, and what were the results of his teachings.  We will analyze the different stories in the four Gospels, spending time getting to know Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and their different writing styles.

During the fourth quarter, we will start our study of the Sacarements of the Catholic faith.  We will find where the Sacraments are located in the Bible and exact quotes from Jesus where he introduced the Sacraments to the early church.

6th Grade Religion

The students will focus their learning on the Old Testament.  We will start to learn the structures of the Bible, then talk about how the Old Testament is divided into four very different parts.  Our journey through the Old Testament will allow us to see how God's Covenant with the Israelites was a very special relationship.  The main characters in the Old Testament will be studied and how these men and women continued to challenge the Israelites to follow God and never give up on him.





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