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Mrs. Barkow, 2nd Grade

Mrs. Barkow
Second Grade Teacher




Class Information


This Week in Second Grade


We are approaching the end of the school year and the end of second grade.  Believe it or not, we have only 7 days left in the classroom plus our Mass and report card morning!  This would be a good time to check to make sure they are up to date on all their assignments/homework.  A progress report went home a few weeks back indicating any missing assignments at that time.  If you need to know what (if anything) is missing, just send me an email and I would be happy to let you know.  Currently, IXL's to check for completion are: U.3, S.3, V.1, V.3, V.4, V.5, S.5, S.6, and S.8.  Tuesday's Computer class time will be used to "catch up" on any missing IXL's, but many children have more to finish than our 30 minute class time will allow.  Please encourage your child to read an accelerated reader book and take the test.  I have been doing my best in the classroom to push this also!        No work will be accepted after June 1st!





What are we learning the week of

May 28th in Room 113



The Liturgical Year.  Pages 314-317
No Religion Test...we are done for the year.


Cowboys.  This is an Informational Text which gives us facts about real cowboys and how they lived long ago.
Reading Test on Friday


Word Sort:  

Marquette Zombies:  
Classroom - Sort 47 (Long A Homophones) 
Homework - None this week
Classroom - Sort 37 (Triple R Blends)
Homework - Sort 33


Spelling Words:  

Marquette Zombies: mane, main, mail, male, plane, plain, ail, ale, waist, waste, maid, made, their, they're, maize, maze
Galaxies: screen, scratch, scream, scrape, scram, strange, straight, stripe, stretch, strength, sprain, sprout, strict, spray, spring, spread
Spelling Test for both groups on Friday



Uppercase Cursive Letters E, N, M, H, K, U, Y, Z, W, X



Using Commas


Social Studies: 

Government - Review.  Unit 6 Government.
Social Studies Test on Friday



Measurement - Capacity and weight



There will be a Homework Packet and a Word Sort (no sort for Marquette Zombies) coming home on Tuesday of this week.  


Specialty Classes


1:30pm-2:00pm   Computers



10:40am-11:10am   Computers
2:15pm-2:55pm    Phy. Ed.



10:35am-11:20am   Art



8:00am-8:45am   Mass
11:10am-11:55am   Music
2:10pm-2:50pm    Phy. Ed.



9:30am-10:10am   Library
2:30pm-2:50pm   Reading Buddies (5B)




Upcoming Events



May 28 - No School.  Memorial Day.
May 30 - 10:30-11:45 Eclipse Ball in the gym.  
May 31 - 8:00am Mass 


June 1 - Reading and Spelling Tests. 
May reading logs are due. All missing work is due exceptions!
June 6 - End of the year party.  1-2pm Talent Show
June 7 - 8:00am Mass and Report Cards handed out.  Dismissal right after Mass