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as of 6/28/20

Mrs. Barkow, 2nd Grade

Mrs. Barkow
Second Grade Teacher




Class Information


This Week in Second Grade

We are out of uniform twice this week.  On Wednesday, the students may wear CK Spirit wear for our pep rally as they cheer on our 8th grade boys and girls as they head to the Padre Serra games.  On Friday, the students may wear either CK spirit wear or an animal print in support of our Scholastic Book Fair which begins on Friday.


What are we learning the week of

March 9th in Room 2B



Chapter 13. Jesus Saves Us From Sin. Page 199-210
Religion Test on Friday


Unit 4, Lessons 1-3
Lesson 1: Series Book Readers Collect Information About the Main Character
Lesson 2: Series Book Readers Pay Attention to How Characters Respond to Problems
Lesson 3: Series Book Readers Notice Similarities in Their Characters Across a Series


Word Sort/Phonics: 

Milwaukee Dinosaurs: Sort #16 Long and Short E (ee, ea, e) 
Flashing Lightning Bugs: Sort #32 Long /Short oo
Barcelona Mathematics: Sort #37 Triple R Blends (scr, str, spr)

Spelling Words:  

Milwaukee Dinosaurs: next, web, less, set, team, heat, teach, leaf, clean, speak, sleep, teeth, seem, keep, week, been
Flashing Lightning Bugs: good, hook, crook, wool, fool, groom, noon, root, hoop, stool, cool, troop, stood, soot, would, should
Barcelona Mathematics: screen, scratch, scream, scrape, scram, strict, strange, straight, stripe, stretch, strength, spread, sprain, sprout, spray, spring
Spelling Tests on Friday, March 13 


Writing: How To writing project
Handwriting: Cursive writing lowercase letters a and d



Social Studies: 

Human, Natural, and Capital Resources.  Scarcity


Chapter 5 Lessons 17
Adding and Subtracting 2-Digit Numbers.  
IXL: A.3, A.7, A.8
Set 2 Math Flash Cards on Tuesday.  Chapter 5 Math Test on Thursday


There will be a homework packet coming home on Monday.  Please complete the assigned IXL's (A.3, A.7, and A.8) for the week.  There will be time to work on them in school, but whatever is not completed in the classroom is expected to be finished at home on or before Friday.

Specialty Classes 


10:40am-11:25am   Music



11:15am-11:50am   Phy. Ed.
2:15pm-2:45pm  Computers (in our classroom)



9:25am-10:10am    Art
11:10am-11:40am  Computers (in our classroom)



8:00am-8:45am    Mass
1:25pm-1:55pm    Phy. Ed.
2:20pm-2:50pm    Reading Buddies (5B)



11:30am-12:10pm  Library






Upcoming Events



10 - First Reconciliation classroom party.  Math Flash Cards Test
11 - 1:15pm Padre Serra Pep Rally.  
Spirit Wear Day
12 - 8:00am Mass
13 - Book Fair begins.  Spirit Wear or Animal Print Clothes. Spelling and Religion (Chapter 13) Tests
17 - 2:00pm Irish Dancers.  Wear Green today.
19 - 8:00am Mass
20 - 2:15pm Gym-  Singing Stations of the Cross
26 - 8:00am Mass
27 - 2:15 Gym Shadow Stations of the Cross
30 - 2:15pm Locks for Love Assembly