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Mrs. Barkow, 2nd Grade

Mrs. Barkow
Second Grade Teacher




Class Information


This Week in Second Grade


This Thursday is Parent Night at our school.  It is a great opportunity to hear about what we are teaching the children this year in second grade as well as learn about policies and procedures within our own classroom.  There will be four sessions to choose from: 6:00-6:20, 6:20-6:40, 6:40-7:00, or 7:00-7:40.  Sam Al-Ezem will also talk to parents about First Reconciliation and First Communion.  Since Sam is speaking to both classes, we thought it best to meet together as level.  Our parent night sessions will be held in Sister Beth's room which is Room 109 (right next door to our classroom).  Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday night.


What are we learning the week of

September 9th in Room 2B



Chapter 2.  We Belong to the Church.  Pages 39-43.  We will be working on this chapter about baptism for the next 2 weeks.


Unit 1, Bend 1, Sessions 4-6.
Session 4: Read in longer phrases
Session 5: Keeping tabs on comprehension
Session 6: Mark your thinking with a Post-it


Word Sort:  

Sort 12: Final K (ck, ke, and ook)


Spelling Words:  

kick, sock, truck, pack, sick, bike, shake, like, spoke, strike, take, shook, cook, took, look, book, 
Spelling Test on Friday



Writing: Personal Narrative "What I Did on my Summer Vacation"
Handwriting: Letters I, L, T, and O



Types of Sentences



Silent e and oo words


Social Studies: 

Unit 1 Maps and Globes.  How to read a map, cardinal directions, and compass rose



Chapter 1 Lessons 4-7.
Count on to add, Adding to 20, Make 10 to Add, Doubles



No packet this week.  We will begin next week with a math page and a word sort page.  There is a Baptism page coming home that is due on September 16th.


Specialty Classes 


10:40am-11:25am   Music



11:15am-11:50am   Phy. Ed.
2:15pm-2:45pm  Computers (in our classroom)



9:25am-10:10am    Art
11:10am-11:40am  Computers (in our classroom)



8:00am-8:45am    Mass
1:25pm-1:55pm    Phy. Ed.
2:20pm-2:50pm    Reading Buddies (5B)



11:30am-12:10pm  Library






Upcoming Events



12 - 8:00am Mass
6:00-7:30pm Parent Night
13 - Spelling Test
27 - 8:00-11:00am VIP Day
11:00am Dismissal