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Mrs. Barkow, 2nd Grade

Mrs. Barkow
Second Grade Teacher




Class Information


This Week in Second Grade


It was so nice to meet with each of you last week during conferences.  I really enjoyed talking with you about your children.  I am very blessed to have such a wonderful class of hard-working children.  Let's keep the momentum going as we begin our second quarter of school!  Our food boxes for the House of Peace are due next week (week of November 18th).  As soon as you fill yours, you can bring it to school.  I will be keeping them outside our classroom across from our door.  The Capuchin Brothers from the House of Peace and families receiving these boxes of food thank you for your generous donation.


What are we learning the week of

November 11th in Room 2B



Chapter 11.  We Act on God's Word  Pages 167-176.  
Chapter 11 Test on Friday


Unit 2, Bend 2, Session 7,8.
Session 7: Using Text Features to Notice and Understand Keywords
Session 8: Using Context to Build Knowledge of Unknown Words

Word Sort/Phonics: 

Milwaukee Dinosaurs: Sort #41 Short a, e, and i with initial digraphs
Flashing Lightning Bugs: Sort #20 Short/Long O (o-e, oa, ow) 
Barcelona Mathematics: Sort #24 Review of Long Vowels

Spelling Words:  

Milwaukee Dinosaurs: ship, this, chill, chin, thick, than, that, shack, chap, shall, shell, when, check, shed, them, what
Flashing Lightning Bugs: long, stock, globe, wrote, froze, close, show, grow, row, flow, slow, throw, roast, coach, coal, loaf
Barcelona Mathematics:  wave, steep, grind, dry, scene, glow, tone, sneak, drew, way, clue, hold, soak, light, feast, slide


Writing: We will begin our "How To" writing project
Handwriting: Letters B, P, R and N


Plural Nouns

Social Studies: 

Landforms, Regions, and Weather



Chapter 2 Lessons 13-16
Even and Odd Numbers, Counting by 3's and 4's, Ordinal Numbers to 31
IXL: A.18, A.19, A.5 Even and Odd Numbers, Skip Counting
Math Flash Cards: Set 6 (Test on Tuesday)


There is a homework packet coming home this week.  In addition to the math paper, please complete IXL: A.18, A.19, A.5

Specialty Classes 


10:40am-11:25am   Music



11:15am-11:50am   Phy. Ed.
2:15pm-2:45pm  Computers (in our classroom)



9:25am-10:10am    Art
11:10am-11:40am  Computers (in our classroom)



8:00am-8:45am    Mass
1:25pm-1:55pm    Phy. Ed.
2:20pm-2:50pm    Reading Buddies (5B)



11:30am-12:10pm  Library






Upcoming Events



12 - Math Flash Cards Test
14 - 8:00am Mass
15 - Chapter 11 Religion Test.  Spelling Test
21 - 8:00am Mass
26 - 2:15pm Prayer Service
27 - No School
28 - Thanksgiving Day
29 - No School