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GIRLS' Softball (grades 5-8)

Evaluations: All children participate
Coaching: Usually there is one coach. Contact the coordinator if interested.
Team Size: 10-18: 1 team, over 18: possibly 2 teams. Teams are combined 5th-8th grade girls. 
Practices/Games: Practice begins 3-4 weeks before the first games and are typically held twice during the week. Games are double headers and played Saturday mornings.
Parent Volunteer Requirements: At this time there are none.


  • Athletic Association - Committee Members Needed

    We currently have a few open positions on our Athletic Committee:

    • Volleyball Tournament Coordinator
    • Track & Field Coordinator
    • Gym Set-up/TakeDown

    If you are interested in learning more about these positions, please contact Ken Hemauer, our Athletic Board Director.

  • All students participating in athletics must have this form on file prior to practice or participation.