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Be a mentor - be a coach!

Parent parishioners called to teach and inspire children with their Christian leadership abiliities and sport knowledge are encouraged to apply for either a head or assistant coach position. If interested, reach out to the specific sport coordinator or any of our committee members to learn about the application and selection process or watch for the Committee to publish notices in the Parish Bulletin and Wednesday Wireless asking that interested individuals contact the relevant sports coordinator several weeks before the beginning of a sport season.  When several applicants express an interest for a limited number of positions, those applicants often are invited to appear before the Committee to supplement the information provided in the application.  The Committee will then vote on the applicants.

Selected coaches are required to participate in a few training sessions, including a coaches clinic and Virtus training. There may be other training requirements and/or opportunities, depending on the sport.

Parent Feedback and Concerns

If parents or participants have concerns with any aspect of the athletic program, they should first with the coach(es).  If the problem(s) cannot be resolved, the relevant Sport Coordinator should be notified. Thereafter, if necessary, the Athletic Committee Chairperson should be contacted to address the matter during the next monthly meeting.  The Athletic Committee recommends that parents or participants allow twenty-four hours to pass after the incident giving rise to the concern prior to first approaching a coach.
If parents or participants have any concerns with any aspect of another school’s athletic program, they should contact the relevant Sports Coordinator of the Christ King Athletic Committee.  
At the end of each season, evaluation forms are made available to parents and returned to the Sport Coordinators. The feedback is then shared with the coaches to offer thanks, encouragement and suggestions for improvement.


The Milwaukee Archdiocese's Safeguarding All of God's Family program provides training for all adults who come in contact with minors. The goal is to protect our children and all in the church family from abuse and related dangers. All coaches need to be registered and in compliance. See details HERE. 

Coaching Forms