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Volleyball (grades 5-8)

2019 CK Volleyball Schedules


5th Grade Boys:         5th Grade Girls:

Team Cocker                         Team Campbell

Team Pelikan                         Team Weber

6th Grade Boys:         6th Grade Girls:

Team Bachar                         Team Nyquist 

Team Campbell                     Team Monday


7th A Boys:                 7th A Girls:

Team Peterson                      Team Snyder


7th B Boys:                 7th B Girls:

Team Kovochich                   Team Bottoni 


8th A Boys:                 8th A Girls:

Team Glunz                           Team O'Brien

8th B Boys:                 8th B Girls:

Team Lareau                         Team Fossett


Volleyball Information

Player Evaluations:

All children play and go through evaluations for proper team placement.
At least one volunteer parent/parishioner head coach for each team along with volunteer parent/parishioner assistant coaches. Usually there are 3-4 teams per grade level. If you are interested in coaching, please contact the Coordinator.
Team sizes:
13 or less: 1 team, 14 or more: at least 2 teams
Usually start 2-3 weeks before the first game and are usually held twice during the week. Games are usually played on the weekends.
Tournament Games:
Christ King hosts one tournament - The Kick-Off (7th or 8th grade “A” Teams) in which our 7th and 8th grade teams usually participate, along with most all teams participating in a few other schools' tournaments during the season. In addition, our 8th grade teams often receive an invitation to play in the The Seton, which always proves to be a season ending highlight!

See Kick-Off Informaton | See Seton Information

Parents are required to signup and run the concession area, collect admissions and/or supervise the gym during regular league games and during the tournament. The number of shifts required depends on the number of children playing. The CK Gym Duty Coordinator will contact parents when sign-up is needed.


All parents of volleyball players are required to work 2 shifts per player. Please use this link to sign up for admissions, concessions, and gym supervisor. 

Thank you for volunteering to make our 2019 Volleyball season a success!