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Mrs. Allen, MS Spanish


Señora Allen
Middle School Spanish

Spanish 1 is an introduction to the language. We will target to speak, write, listen and read basic memorized and practiced words and phrases. We will also work on expanding our Hispanic cultural awareness through the study of its people, customs and traditions. 

We have started the year by establishing our class routines and expectations and getting familiarized with our new Spanish classroom and resources. We have also started studying its importance in our culture and the benefits of speaking a second language. 

I will be using the textbook Avancemos, and additional online resources to supplement our curriculum. I’m very excited about the textbook we’ve selected for our middle schoolers. It has an online version which they can and should access frequently. It has a wide range of online learning resources such as e-books, practice and homework sheets, self assessments and cultural and news reporting videos. 

We will set up usernames and passwords in the next few days. Our immediate focus in the next couple of classes will be on pronunciation and vowel and consonant sounds in Spanish. 

I will continue to post what we are working on each week on this page, stay tuned!

Participation will play an important role in this class. Learning a language requires taking risks and being resilient to learn from our mistakes. Since we meet twice a week, it will be critical for every student to continue to practice their Spanish whenever possible.

"Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things." ‒ Flora Lewis



Upcoming Dates


Study for Quiz on 9/12

Work on Hispanic Heritage Project due 9/26

Something to look forward to:

Hispanic Heritage Month celebration (September 15th- October 15th)