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as of 6/28/20

Mrs. Allen, MS Spanish


Señora Allen
Middle School Spanish


You will need the following items at home for Spanish class:

1.  Spanish Binder (with all your class notes/ Para Empezar, worksheets in there)

2. Access to online textbook “Avancemos” (email me if you forgot your username)

3. All flash cards/ notecards


I. Communication will be via:

  • Emails to your CK Google email address. AND GOOGLE CLASSROOM (You will get an invite by Tuesday, March 17th)
  • Online class page (via
  • You can email me at: 

II. Daily routine/work for all Wednesday and Thursday classes:

  • There will be a Para Empezar ready for you to access on a Google Drive that I’ve created. The link is below and on my class page.
  • Classwork activities will be announced via email and will also be posted on the class page on the right side column where homework is usually posted. Please watch for when things are due!!!
  • ZOOM CALLS every Thursday for all classes. Here's the schedule as of 1st week in May:
    • 7A 9:00AM- 9:30AM

      6B 9:30AM- 10AM

      6A 10:00AM- 10:30AM

      8B 10:30AM- 11AM

      8A 11:30AM- Noon

      7B Noon- 12:30PM

III. How to turn things in:

  • You will download a copy of the Para Empezar for that specific date and then once completed, you will GOOGLE SHARE it with me or hit TURN IN. If you have any questions on how to do this, please email me.
  • Each Para Empezar is due at the end of the day of when it is assigned. The first one will be posted Wednesday, March 18th and will be due that evening by 10:00pm. If you need more time for whatever reason you must notify me before 10 pm that day.

IV.  Additional things to do to practice your Spanish vocabulary:

  • Review your flash cards every day. If you’ve lost them, take this time to make new ones and color code them based on Lesson and Unit.
  • Practice saying the day of the week and the weather
  • Practice saying the Sign of the Cross prayer to your parents or when you say your prayers
  • Try to use your Spanish vocab in your day to day conversations. 
  • CATCH UP with any Para Empezar you haven’t handed in or got a failing grade

I will miss seeing all of your friendly faces during this time away. Keep up the great work you have been doing so far in Spanish class. You have a lot to be proud of. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with ANY questions. I’m here to help you.

I’ll be praying for all of you and hoping to see you all very soon!!


Hasta pronto!

Señora Allen



Regarding Spanish I

Spanish 1 is an introduction to the language. We will target to speak, write, listen and read basic memorized and practiced words and phrases. We will also work on expanding our Hispanic cultural awareness through the study of its people, customs and traditions. 

We have started the year by establishing our class routines and expectations and getting familiarized with our new Spanish classroom and resources. We have also started studying its importance in our culture and the benefits of speaking a second language. 

I will be using the textbook Avancemos, and additional online resources to supplement our curriculum. I’m very excited about the textbook we’ve selected for our middle schoolers. It has an online version which they can and should access frequently. It has a wide range of online learning resources such as e-books, practice and homework sheets, self assessments and cultural and news reporting videos. 

Month January and February:

  • Wrap up for the Lección Preliminar Unit
    • Vocabulary sheets- review flashcards nightly
    • Themes covered throughout the whole unit
      • Greet people and say good bye
      • Introduce yourself and others
      • Ask and say how to spell names
      • Say where you are from
      • Exchange phone numbers
      • Say what day of the week it is
      • Say what the weather is
      • Classroom commands
  • We will begin our 2nd Unit, Unit 1 this week.

I will continue to post what we are working on each week on this page, stay tuned!

Participation in class will play an important role in this course. Learning a language requires taking risks and being resilient to learn from our mistakes. Since we meet twice a week, it will be critical for every student to continue to practice their Spanish whenever possible, taking their binders home to review their notes and studying their vocabulary flashcards frequently.

"Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things." ‒ Flora Lewis




Access  "Avancemos" online textbook here:

Additional resources:

Videos we have seen in class:



Upcoming Dates


Starting March 18th through June 4th: Please see Google Classroom and emails from me for communications. I will post homework assignments on Google Classroom moving forward. 

Week of March 25th and 26th:

  • One Para Empezar on Wednesday and Thursday this week. 
  • Don't forget to turn them in on Google Classroom.
  • Practice your flash cards.
  • Turn in any other Para Empezar that you haven't turned in yet for credit.
  • Keep watching the song video links on our class page.


Week of March 18th and 19th:Take Home Quiz #6, assigned for Wednesday, March 18th. You can find it HERE and also via Google classroom if you didn't get a hard copy from your homeroom. This quiz is due ON MARCH 18th by 10PM!!

There will also be a Para Empezar every Wednesday and Thursday morning waiting for you on Google classroom. They are due every day by 10PM. Any questions, please let Sra. Allen know via email.

Feb. 26th: Lent activity with Sarah D. Director of Youth Ministry/

Carnival packets due 

Feb 27th: Study for Retake quiz opportunity next week Wednesday, March 4th!

Week of Feb. 19th and 20th:

Feb. 19th Vocabulary worksheets due for Unit 1 AND Flash cards

Feb. 20th Carnival packets due for homework next week if not finished in class.

Week of February 12th and 13th:

Feb.12th: QUIZ #5 on Numbers Zero thru 31 and Lesson #8 (pgs. 22 &23 on textbook)

Feb. 13th: Vocabulary sheet and flashcards.

Week: January 29th and 30th

Jan. 29th: 6A, 6B and 8B, Quiz #4 and Practice sheet due

Jan. 30th: Activities due #11-25 from Unit Leccion Preliminar (Only properly labeled activities will receive credit for a grade.)

Jan. 22nd: 7A, 7B and 8A Vocab sheet and flashcards due for Lesson #8

Jan. 23rd: 6A, 6B and 8B Vocab sheet and flashcards due for Lesson#8

Quiz #4 for 7A, 7B and 8A on Jan. 23rd!!!!

For 6A, 6B and 8B, Quiz#4 will be given next Wednesday, Jan. 29th.

Jan 15th and 16th: Study flashcards and catch up with any missing Para Empezar or low grade Para Empezar (D or lower can be redone for full credit). Due no later than Friday, Jan. 17th- last grading day for Quarter 2.

January 8th and 9th:

Go over test and review vocabulary from last two Lessons on textbook.

Review Flashcards nightly and bring them to class.

**For those who missed the Test before Christmas break, the make up day is this THURSDAY, JANUARY 9TH.**

Review for test On Wed. 12/18th

Celebration of knowledge (test) on Thursday, December 19th.

12/11: Unit 1 Vocabulary sheets (4 pages) due Wednesday, December 12/11 

12/16: LAST Binder check for extra credit/ it's a Monday, so just drop it in my class ANYTIME and pick it up by Tuesday.

12/18: All Activities from #8-19 due

Celebration of Knowledge on 12/19!!

Dec 4th: Spanish speaking maps due

Dec 5th: Quiz signed and retake confirmation

ALL Turn in Para Empezar 11/20 

Quiz retake opportunity without notes on Friday, December 6th

Nov. 20th: Upcoming Quiz this Thursday, Nov. 21st

Nov. 21st Class: QUIZ #3!!!!!!!!! (see body of my webpage for Quiz Study Guide)

Thursday, Nov. 14th. Offering online textbook tutorial opportunity during recess/lunch time!!!!!!

Homework due Nov. 13th: Highlight your flashcards in YELLOW and bring them to class.

Past due for OCTOBER 31ST:

For those who didn't turn in their binders, Acitivity 1-7 on your textbook is due and All Para Empezars are due except for last weeks and todays.

Also, bring to class a picture of a loved deceased relative or pet you'd like to honor for Day of the Dead.

PAST DUE:Binder check due October 28th Drop off binder during recess/lunchtime.

Retake quiz opportunity: October 28th, during lunch/recess time.

For Wednesday, Oct. 23rd

Vocabulary sheet AND flash cards for "Exchange Phone Numbers" and "Say Which day it is".

Previous weeks: There was a QUIZ on Wednesday, October 16th. 

Past due homework for October 10th:

-Vocabulary words for sections

"Make introductions and "Telling about where you are from" (19words) Flashcards and Worksheet need to be completed.

This will complete the first 2 pages of our Vocabulary sheets.

Past due homework:

October 2nd: Work on 1st set of vocab words from Unit1 Leccion Preliminar. Make Flashcards for "Greetings and Goodbyes" and worksheet with English translation.

DUE: October 3rd: Work on 2nd set of Flashcards and worksheet for Unit1, Section "Say how you are" (14words)