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All Saints Meal Program

All Saints Meal Program

Category: Human Concerns

Date: July 11, 2024

Time: 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Christ King and Saint Bernard Parishes have formed a long-term partnership of relationships and service to the area of the City of Milwaukee served by All Saints Parish, located at 4051 N. 25th Street, just north of Capitol Drive. We seek to expand the vision of parish boundaries through direct service and friendship, with a focus on this geographical area of Milwaukee. We seek to grow closer to Christ through service to the poor, oppressed and marginalized. The tasks of the partnership include: 
Commit to daily personal prayer for the health, safety, and vibrancy of the City of Milwaukee, especially the area in the vicinity of All Saints and Saint Martin Parishes.

  • Be available as "first responders," especially during the week, to the needs of the parishes, their ministry, and the charitable outreach connected to the parishes.
  • Be leaders in developing authentic relationships and friendships with those who share differing cultural, racial, and economic backgrounds.
  • Evangelization of all peoples, especially through the charitable mission of the Catholic Church.
  • Embrace an ever-growing love of the Sunday Eucharist, with continued depth of understanding of the connection between the Body of Christ and the responsibility to social justice in our local community.
  • A continued growth in understanding the Church's official teachings in the area of social justice.
  • Recruit broader assistance for tasks and initiatives related to the partnership.

Our main undertaking in the partnership has been working together to revitalize the twice-weekly All Saints evening meal program through financial support and on-site serving. We volunteer at All Saints parish alongside their parishioners on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for approximately two and a half hours (4-6:30 PM). When we first began helping, there were 50-75 meals served. Currently, there are over 225!

The onsite responsibilities include pre-meal setup, guest greeting, meal service and post meal cleanup and dishwashing. Volunteers are asked to bring a case of bottled water. We are in need of 8 volunteers each Tuesday and Thursday evening.

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Our parish partnership is making a positive impact on the many lives in our community while we experience the universality of our Catholic Church. This is a great opportunity for the people of our parishes to grow together in faith and friendship.