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Holy Hill Walking Pilgrimage


Hikers, Long-distance Walkers, In-shape Disciples, and All Who Pray

Christ King Holy Hill Pilgrimage

The call to a Catholic pilgrimage is a personal invitation from God to leave day-to-day life and embark on a focused journey to grow closer to God. In the Catholic faith the entirety of one’s life can be considered a pilgrimage with a goal of meeting God in heaven.

This year Christ King is offering an opportunity for a 28-mile walking pilgrimage to Holy Hill.

The goal is for parishioners to participate in one of two ways; The first would be to gather any pilgrims capable and called to make the journey and invite them to walk with us. The second is to ask the faithful at Christ King Parish for their written prayers. All prayers will be carried on the pilgrimage and read at the foot of the Blessed Mother in the Shrine Chapel at Holy Hill. Opportunities to submit prayers will be offered at Mass August 19/20 and 26/27, on the parish website,, or at the parish office.

The pilgrimage is planned for Friday, September 8

Our departure is scheduled for approximately 5:00 am. September 8th is the Feast of the Birth of Mary. Depending on room availability at Holy Hill, some pilgrims plan to stay overnight (Friday) in the Shrine’s guest quarters.

For everyone interested in participating in or helping with the Holy Hill Pilgrimage, two informational and planning meetings are scheduled:
  • General Information Meeting: August 15, 6 p.m. in the Parish Center
  • Formational Meeting: August 31, 6 p.m. in the Parish Center

Contact Josh Mount: or 414-218-2053 with questions and to participate.