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Small Groups

Are you looking for friends in faith, companions on the jouney? Our Small Discipleship Groups will help you deepen your faith, build friendships and journey in faith together. Whether you are just hitting the trail or steps away from the summit, we have a small group suited just for you!
Jesus invited a small group of ordinary people to “follow Me.” His small group became his apostles. Christ King Parish presents the same invitation to follow Jesus by learning and growing together in faith with a Small Discipleship Group. Small Discipleship Groups are already enhancing the faith lives of those who participate. Click on Testimonials to read some of our stories and discover for yourself!
Our parish goal is for each parishioner to find (or create) a small group that offers spiritual inspiration, faith sharing and formation, and social fellowship in a supportive environment that adapts to different faith levels and busy schedules.
Small discipleship groups can be formed or joined at anytime! If anyone missed us at our Fall Information and Sign-up sessions, you can find important information here on our pages. Because it is important to us that each person finds a group that is a good fit, we ask that you complete the online questionnaire found below or to the left.
If you have any questions or want more information, EMAIL us!







Emerging Groups