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Simply the Word






What is Catholic Social Teaching? What is Social Justice?

“You Shall Love Your Neighbor As Yourself” (Matthew 12:31)

Thursday morning or evening, Oct 4 - Dec 6 at Christ King Parish.

Join us to explore and discuss Catholic social vision and our personal call to social ministry!


  • No Bible study experience necessary.

  • Simply the WORD is open to everyone.

  • Simply the WORD’s format includes commentary and questions on selected Scripture passages, small group discussion, and bi-weekly reflection talks.

  • Morning session runs from 9:15-11:00 am, evening session from 6:30- 8:15pm. Childcare is available for the morning session.

  • To register* please EMAIL or call Cindy Schmidt (414-476-2413) , or EMAIL or call the parish office (414-258-2604).

*Please Note: Ongoing members do not need to register.