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2018 Capital Appeal



Open House Tours | Sunday, October 21 | 11:30AM - 1PM


Christ King Parish is spiritually energized but physically wearing out.

Christ King parishioners have long ensured that Christ King remain a safe and welcoming house of worship, prayer, formation, and service. But after 79 years of faithfully facilitating God’s call to mission, Christ King’s physical plant needs our help!

Most physical improvements included in the Living the Call Appeal are to structures or systems that are over 60 years old. Repair or replacement can no longer be deferred.

All parishioners are invited to tour our campus to see the fixes we need to make.

Tours begin at either Church entrance.



Renderings & Additional Details on a Few Proposed Projects:


Rendering of new organ, removal
of original "crying rooms", and
proposed expanded choir loft:








Parking Lot & Fence
Proposed Option 1:


Rendering and
Coming Soon!


Thursday Evening Holy Hour | 5:30-6:30PM


Our Christ King Community will gather for Prayer, Adoration, Benediction, and Reconciliation seeking God’s direction and guidance during our upcoming Capital Appeal.
• September 27
• October 4
• October 11
• October 18
• October 25
• November 8
• November 15
• (No Holy Hour Nov. 1/Solemnity of All Saints)


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Appeal Prayer




Why are we doing a capital appeal and why now?

It has been 10 years since we have engaged in a capital appeal and now is the time to address the deferred maintenance that is expected of an 80-year old home. With its mission of ministry and service to others, Christ King Parish is a pillar of Wauwatosa and the greater Milwaukee area. Only by addressing the needs of our parish campus are we able to effectively continue and enhance this mission of service and ministry.

Will the Christ King community support a capital appeal at this time?

In 2017, Christ King leadership engaged an outside consultant, VisionWorks Fundraising, to assess potential support for a capital appeal. After interviewing a multitude of parishioners and holding open focus group meetings last fall, the study revealed that 4 out of every 5 adult parishioners surveyed support moving forward with a capital appeal at this time. The overwhelming support is rare in a feasibility study and represents a broad consensus amongst our community. It also reflects your love and support of the parish as a whole, and your commitment to maintain and enhance our beautiful church, school and other places of worship and ministry.

How do we prioritize projects within each goal category?

Each project was carefully assessed by parish leadership, appeal leadership and a desire to include a diverse range of projects in each category. The projects will be completed based on funds available and factors such as need (e.g. the church air conditioner may fail very soon and require an immediate replacement).

How do we determine a budget for each project in the capital appeal?

Planning for these projects has happened very slowly so as to exercise transparency and due diligence. This is important for parish leadership and is central to the appeal. Significant leg work will be done by parish staff and the Buildings and Grounds Committee on the projects included. Experts from both within and outside of the parish will be consulted to ensure proper planning and that estimates are as accurate as reasonably possible.

Do we intend to take on debt to complete these projects?

With your support, we do not intend to take on additional debt for these projects. Instead, projects will be completed in a fiscally prudent manner so as to maintain and improve the parish’s financial stability.

How will funds be allocated?

100 percent of all funds will be restricted for the projects identified in this appeal.

How will we donate to the capital appeal?

Successful and rewarding capital appeals have a strong stewardship aspect to them. In our case, we have combined the appeal and our annual stewardship renewal to make them both stronger. The appeal gift is an additional, sacrificial gift to ensure the long-term health of the parish, in recognition of those sacrificial gifts others gave for our benefit. The capital appeal pledge cards will include both appeal and the yearly stewardship commitments to minimize any confusion. We hope to complete the appeal fulfillment period in three years or less.

Can we meet our goals?

Absolutely. Christ King Parish and School is strong, growing and delivers many forms of ministries to support our parishioners and community. We will continue to grow stronger and healthier through prudent and responsible investment in the spaces that every one of us uses. The generations before
us helped build the beauty that we see before us today; such beauty raises hearts to God and draws in parishioners and visitors to contemplate the many other gifts the Church possesses. It is our turn to evangelize, by ensuring this beauty and this mission is healthy for generations after us.

How did we decide what projects to include in this capital appeal?

Preliminary work by parish staff and buildings and grounds found projects ranging from “need” to “want” of an aggregate cost in excess of $15,000,000. After considerable reflection of all projects, and with input from many parishioners and outside experts, those projects with the highest need and that will contribute to our current growth are included in this appeal.

When the organ is replaced, will there be other forms of music at Mass?

The parish utilizes many instruments in sacred worship, including the organ, piano, guitars, bells, violin, and other instruments. These tools meet a variety of needs and enhance our celebration of the Eucharist and have become a normal part of the parish’s musical life; this variety will continue. 

What will be addressed in the school updates?

Our school is an important tool of evangelization and our parish school is blessed with excellent staff who instill high academic standards and place a strong focus on discipleship and Catholic formation. In order to maintain this level of excellence and continue our ability to attract capable teachers and families into the future, we must invest in the school while ensuring for the overall health and safety of our youngest parishioners. Planning updates include replacing the flooring in most of our classrooms, adding air conditioning to the gym, adding more computers for instructional use, new water fountains, a wireless network upgrade, adding a high-quality sound system to the gym and various safety enhancements.

Why and at what cost are we replacing the parking lot?

The parking lot has moved beyond the point where a resurfacing will adequately fix pressing issues of stability and safety. Based on engineers’ recommendations to replace the lot to correct issues of cracking and drainage, we will remove the existing pavement and regrade its pitch to ensure proper water flow and reduce future instability. This will be accomplished by correcting the base layer underneath the asphalt prior to placement of the new asphalt.  For enhanced security and community appeal, the chain link fence will be replaced with a wrought iron style fence and enhanced lighting to add an element of security that is currently not present, particularly at night. The increased level of safety will benefit every member of the Christ King community, from the children attending school, to the nightly small group member, to those attending daily and weekend Mass. Proper due diligence was completed and a large contingency amount is included in the cost estimate of $780,000 to properly account for yet-to-be-identified issues and/or costs that may surface during the project.

Have we financially committed to any project already?

Yes. Based on considerable due diligence and consultation with our outside fundraising consultant, including the fact that over 84 percent of adult parishioners expressed their support for the appeal at this time, parish and appeal leadership is confident that we will exceed the Celebration Goal of $3,500,000. Many of the items under that goal (the parking lot and the organ) require an advance commitment of some form to allow for proper planning and implementation. The parish has not committed to any projects in the Challenge or Transformation Goals, though we will continue to hope and pray that we exceed those goals as well.

What is included in the outreach portion of the campaign and why is this part of our capital appeal?

St. Paul wrote that the plentiful are “to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous, and ready to share.” As such, this capital appeal will follow the name of our campaign “Living the Call, Sharing God’s Gifts” by sharing a 5 percent portion of our success as a gift back to God. This is in addition to the charitable outreach the parish already gives as part of its annual budget. Some of this money will be directed to our St. Vincent de Paul conference that services our neighbors in need, as well as other charitable groups that assist the poor. In some exciting news, the Archdiocese has asked Christ King to consider a twinning/sharing relationship with All Saints Parish (on the north side of Milwaukee). A portion of our appeal funds raised will be dedicated to establishing that new relationship.

What is endowment fund completion?

Christ King currently has several endowment funds. The newest one, the Capital Improvement Endowment Fund, was formed at the parish’s 75th anniversary and has a current balance of approximately $250k. The intention of this goal is to add to the endowment with a target principal investment of $500k. Once we reach $500k, we will be able to use interest and dividends generated by the endowment to supplement the parish’s annual operating budget without touching the principal balance of the endowment. This supplemental income each year will allow us to complete additional maintenance and projects at the parish as needed. 

Why is loan repayment in the final category?

The parish holds a loan from necessary parish and school improvements completed nearly ten years ago. The loan carries an extremely favorable interest rate thanks to the parish refinancing at various points. The loan payments are made through existing financial stewardship and are part of our annual operating budget. Economic conditions the last several years, with the low interest rate, mean the loan is not the burden it would be under different economic circumstances. We hope to reach our Transformation Goal and to pay off this loan and use the stewardship dollars to increase staff salaries. However, responses to the feasibility study indicate muted interest in paying off the loan, given current economic circumstances. This is why it is part of the appeal, but in the last category.