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Mass: Sa 4PM, Su 8 & 10:30AM

Our Christ King Community

We are a community seeking to share God’s word and love with one another and those around us! We are members of the larger Archdiocese of Milwaukee community which includes nearly 200 parishes and more than 500,000 Catholics across 10 southeastern counties! Here in our own parish community, we have two groups serving as main advisory councils to the pastor, Pastoral and Finance, and from which branch all our committees and ministries. We invite you to spend some time here reading more about our councils, committees and ministries, looking over our full organizational chart, and if your called, becoming a member and getting involved in our wonderful community!


Pastoral Council 

The Pastoral Council, serves as an advisory council to the pastor.  Charged with helping fulfill the pastoral mission of Jesus and the Church, the Pastoral Council seeks to develop Catholic identity, promote evangelization, and foster stewardship within the parish. 
Members serve three-year terms.  New council members are nominated and discerned onto the council on a rotating basis. If you are interested in serving on the Pastoral Council, contact Fr. Phillip Bogacki at 414-258-2604.


Finance Council

As an advisory council to the pastor, the Finance Council prepares the budget, reviews financial statements, reviews regular audits, monitors the overall financial status of the parish and provides advice and guidance to the pastor in the administration of parish assets.
In addition to the directors of administration and finance, the parish trustees and two liaisons from the Pastoral Council, at least two at-large parish members with accounting, financial, legal, banking, and/or administrative expertise are appointed by the pastor. 
If you are interested in serving on the Finance Council, contact Fr. Phillip Bogacki at 414-258-2604.


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P. Council Members:

*L = liason from the identified committee
  • Very Rev Phillip Bogacki Pastor
  • Rev Will Arnold Asc. Pastor
  • Rev Deacon John Ebel Deacon
  • Josh Mount Chair
  • Mike Nelson VChair
  • Steve DeLonge Secretary
  • Margaret Capper Trustee-Treasurer
  • Cindy Schmidt Trustee-Secretary
  • Tim Garczynski
  • Rich Vetrano
  • Matt Michalis 
  • Cathy Starck
  • Jay Kasmerchak
  • Kelly O'Shea 
  • Scott Ziebol
  • Joe Breiner
  • Tom Schroeder
  • Billy Doherty
  • Janice Landisch


F. Council Members:

*L = liason from the identified committee
  • Very Rev Phillip Bogacki Pastor, Pres.
  • Emily Axt Chair
  • Margaret Capper Trustee-Treasurer
  • Cindy Schmidt Trustee-Secretary
  • Mark Kammerzind
  • Ken Hemauer
  • Mark Snyder
  • Rev Will Arnold Asc. Pastor, Resource, Non-Member
  • Rev Deacon John Ebel Deacon, Resource, Non-Member
  • Laura Brown Dr. Admn. Srvs., Resource, Non-Member
  • Ron Braier Dr. of Finance, Resource, Non-Member