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Campus Landscape

Our exterior campus landscape is undergoing renovations!

First, a HUGE thank you to two very dedicated parishioners, Ron Jankowski and Cindy Schmidt, who spent countless hours this summer kicking off our campus garden transformations! Much of their work can be seen around the rectory on Clarke and 91st street sides. Come take a look! The results are amazing! These garden beds have never looked so beautiful. Hats off to Cindy and Ron for going above and beyond!!
In addition, the funds raised from the Parish Auction's "Raise the Paddle" continue the transformation, and can be seen in action right now as the professional landscape crew is hard at work transforming many of the garden beds that can be seen from the corner of Swan Blvd and Clarke Streets, continuing north down Swan and along the parish center entrance on 91st street.
That along with some freshly relaid sections of our walk and stairways, and an newly paved parking and playground, our campus is being transformed!
The views are spectacular in person, but here is a pictorial teaser. Enjoy!