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Annual Report

Financial and Stewardship Update
Thank You! Thank you to those who gave what they could. Thank you to those who fulfilled your pledges and continued to give on a regular basis. Thank you to those who dug deep. It would have been easy to stop giving all together – so thank you for giving. Thank you also for your prayers. We know some are unable to be back in the pews. We haven’t forgotten about you and we know you haven’t forgotten about Christ King. We are operating on a deficit budget as we are halfway through our fiscal year. Stewardship is important, but your health, safety and faith life are most important.
Our annual stewardship campaign typically occurs in November.  Due to the pandemic, we elected not to send out an annual report and pledge form for 2021. There are parishioners who are financially unstable, and it would be difficult for them to pledge at this time. We are also operating with limited staff so as to be conscious of expenses. We are also trying to reduce expenses for printing those materials.
Although we did not conduct a formal campaign, we encourage you to complete a pledge form as it will assist in our budget planning for 2021-22.  Forms can be found on the website HERE, in the Parish Office vestibule and the entrances to the church. Life continues to go on and we need to keep the lights and heat on in our school and church. Please prayerfully consider your 2021 financial stewardship. As a good steward, you tend to all the gifts God has given you to the best of your ability. Take the time to think about your gifts. Hopefully, Christ King is top on your list as we need to care for the people of this parish for future generations.
On another note, we are in our third year of our Capital Appeal – Living the Call, Sharing God’s Gifts. We are so touched that it was not donations by a few people, but it was many donations by many parishioners making this moment historically successful. Many of our projects have been completed and our campus has never looked better. Our organ will be installed this spring in the newly renovated loft. There are still a few items on the list to cross off and you can be a part of that. If you are new to the parish or you didn’t participate the first time around or you want to give more – there is time. Please consider a donation. Information is on our website HERE.
As we move into 2021 with hope, we cannot wait to see your faces in the pews. We miss you and miss the energy when we gather as a faith community. Until then, please continue to pray for us and Christ King Parish as we do for all of you. We wish you a happy and healthy 2021.
Fr. Will
Fr. Phillip
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