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Annual Report

November, 2017
Your Financial Gifts to Our Parish


Once per year we remind ourselves that the financial resources we have, limited as they may seem, are a spiritual tool. They are on loan from God and we are best when we return them, as an exercise of love, back to God. This return is offered for and through the mission of the Church, lived in parishes.
Watch for the annual report arriving to your homes soon. Take a look at a few ways your gift is used to fulfill the mission of discipleship. The parish continues to grow more vibrant, focused, and faithful to her mission. And this is being done more prudently than ever, as your gifts are being used efficiently and effectively. Give a little more and know that exponentially more can be done for the mission of Jesus Christ.
What will you offer back to God? The commitment/pledge card found along with our report is an act of prayer, of generosity, and of trust in all that Christ has promised. Let us now come together joyfully to commit as His stewards.
Please bring the commitment/pledge to Mass on the weekend of November 18 and 19. You may also mail them back or drop them in the collection basket anytime, or complete your pledge online at under Service. With profound gratitude for each of you, may God bless you abundantly for your act of love.
Fr. Phillip


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