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Ms. Phillips, K4 All Day

Ms. Phillips
K4 Full day


Class Information

K4 - Where dreams really do come true

In our classroom we read, write, build, experiment, sing, laugh, estimate, count, play, explore, measure, draw, explain, wonder, discover and learn.

Field Trip Pictures:

Pumpkin Farm:


Letter of the Week

We will be learning about the letter Jj.  Bring things for Happy Hippo that begin with the letter Jj.

Sprinkle jello on the letter J. 


King/Queen of the week

Beginning in January!


Happenings in K4

Happy Birthday Evan!  Happy 1/2 Birthday Charlie!

Light the third candle on our Advent wreath, sing an Advent song.

Rhyme with Rudolph!

Make a Christmas tree.  Count the circle ornaments, the rectangle presents and the triangle in the star. 






A is for Alligator!

B is for Bandaids, Butterfly, Bubbles and Banana Split Sundaes!


C is for Camping!

D is for dinosaur feet and hats and decorating donuts!!!

E is for egg shakers!

F is for finger-painting and flashlights!



G is for Gobble Gobble and George!


H is for horses!

Upcoming Events

December 20 - Spirit Wear day.  Charlie Brown Christmas at First Stage.

December 21 - Christmas vacation begins

January 4 - Classes resume