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Mrs. Callahan, 1st Grade

Mrs. Callahan
1st Grade Teacher




Class Information

Welcome to First Grade, where the little things matter.







P.E/Music/Early Release 2pm

Thursday Mass/Computers/Art
Friday Library/Fourth Grade Friends




Religion:   Our wonderful manger is filling up with hay for baby Jesus.  It's so cool to see.   We will continue to talk all about Advent.  Last week we talked a lot about Angel Gabriel appearing to Mary.  We also made a huge manger scene on the bulletin board outside of our room. The kids had a lot of fun working on this in groups. They are so creative. This week we will finish making our angels and start to talk about Christmas and the gospel story of Jesus' birth.  We will also be meeting with Mrs. Pernice in the church so we can learn and see how the church is decorated during Advent.


Reading:  As a shared reading (whole class) we will read the Gingerbread Man and do some fun activities to go along with it.  We will also be reading The Stable Where Jesus Was Born whole group and work on a retelling. 


Spelling:  We will be focusing on the "sn, sc and sw" blends. Our Spelling words are: boy went, are, make some, school, snow, scarf, swim, snap.

Math: We are wrapping up our unit on story problems.  As a reminder iXL is a great resource for some at home practice over the holiday break.


Writing:  We started receiving cards from all over the country.  We add them to our map each time they come in.  This week we will be spending time writing in our December journals. 


Handwriting: We will be working on the letter N this week.


Social Studies:  We are still talking a lot about Geography! This is a perfect tie in with the holiday cards heading our way.  We will focus on where we are in relation to the city, state, country, and world. The kids will also be introduced to the Continents. 

Upcoming Events

12/1 Grinch Day!
12/3 Advent starts
12/4 Brady Star of the Week
12/6 Crazy Sock Day and start of sock collection for House of Peace
12/11 St. Camillus
12/14 Christmas Concert 6:30 pm
12/15 Secret Snowflake shirts due
12/15 Sock Collection ends!
12/19 Secret Snowflake exchange
12/20 First Stage - Charlie Brown Christmas
12/20 Christmas Prayer Service 2pm
12/21-1/3 Christmas Break
1/4 Classes Resume