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Small Group Testimonials

Jesus invited a small group of ordinary people to “follow Me.” His small group became his apostles. Christ King Parish presents the same invitation to follow Jesus by learning and growing together in faith with a Small Discipleship Group. Small Discipleship Groups are already enhancing the faith lives of those who participate. Read below for Kristin’s story and see for yourself!
Our parish goal is for each parishioner to find (or create) a small group that offers spiritual inspiration, faith sharing and formation, and social fellowship in a supportive environment that adapts to different faith levels and busy schedules.
Small discipleship groups can be formed or joined at anytime! If anyone missed us at our Fall Information and Sign-up sessions, please know we can be found on the parish website at: Because it is important to us that each person finds a group that is a good fit, we ask that you complete the online questionnaire using the web link above.
If you have any questions or want more information, EMAIL Kristin

My Small Group Expierence...

“I facilitate a Small Group of enthusiastic young adults on Monday nights. Some are new to Milwaukee, some are new to the parish, and a couple of us attended grade school at Christ King. We encourage each other to not only make time for God in our daily lives, but to make Him the center of our lives. We provide support for each other through successes, struggles, and life changes.

So far, we have enjoyed discussing the Sunday scripture readings and what they mean in our lives today. We try to pick out one theme in particular that Jesus calls us to live out in the coming week. In the New Year, we will start a DVD series called “Unlocking the Bible” which is a bible timeline study. It will give us the framework to put the weekly readings into perspective.

My small group has been such a blessing in my spiritual life. They challenge me to pray more, stress less, and live courageously as a disciple of God. I enjoy seeing group members at Mass, parish events, and out in Wauwatosa. I hope the Holy Spirit inspires YOU to sign up for a Small Group, wherever you are on your faith journey!“

Kelsey Kasmerchak


"My husband Todd and I facilitate a small group between the masses on Sunday, made up of mostly young families with busy schedules and little free time. We’ve been doing this for a couple of years now and every session is such a blessing to us. Childcare is offered in the playroom downstairs and the older kids are often at Religious Education. This offers us the opportunity to actually have uninterrupted conversations, something rare with young children in our lives. We always enjoy the lively and thoughtful conversations we have. We come with our doubts, questions, fear and failures and find comfort and hope in others’ words and experiences.
love feeling like we have a church family now, something we’ve never had before. Mass is filled with familiar faces and we have a sense of community here at Christ King. For Todd and I, as well as our two girls having a group of believers to do life with, see in the community, gather at church together, pray with, etc has been one of the most rewarding outcomes of our group. If our ultimate goal is to be disciples and to make disciples, I don’t know of a better way to begin that journey or continue that journey than being in a small group.” Kristin Fischer