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Pastoral Council Nomination Form

Pastoral Council Nomination Form
  • Nominations will be accepted until Sunday, May 7, 2017


    • Pastoral council is an advisory body working in consultation with the pastor. It assists the pastor in assessing needs, setting goals and offering recommendations as Christ King Parish strives to become a community of intentional disciples.
    • Nominees must be registered and active parish members, 18 years old or older, who desire to use their gifts to serve the Parish
    • The Council seeks 3 adult members; each member serves a 3-year term.
    • Parishioners are encouraged to nominate themself or other parishioners who desire to lead and serve our parish community. Nominees will be contacted to ascertain their willingness to become a candidate for discernment.
    • Discernment for new council members will take place Monday, May 22, 7:00pm, Christ King Parish Center.
    *Please note: If you prefer, a hardcopy nomination form can be downloaded HERE or found in the Parish Office or the back of church and then turned in with the weekly collection or dropped in the parish office by the deadline date.
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