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Annual Report

October, 2016
Dear Friend,
We are blessed by your interest in Christ King Parish. In a world that needs the unconditional love and mercy that Jesus Christ provides, the Catholic Church must stand ready with tools to dispense that love. This is executed through one’s home parish, entirely by your gifts.
We continue to provide more, from exceptional staffing of our Catholic school, to high quality communications to evangelize internally and externally, to support staff that allow priests to focus on pastoral outreach to you, adult formation and discipleship training, and much more. And this happens with our commitment to deliver as cost effectively as possible. Momentum is very good right now but this requires a true sacrifice from every single parishioner. Don’t be left out...."
As we begin our annual financial appeal for the new year, give to the degree that you are blessed. The chart on the commitment form provides a reference. There is no perfect number but rather a loving sacrifice to God from what He has first given to us. All we have is only on loan from God. Freely return a percentage of it to Him as a disciple and steward. There is no one who has nothing to offer as a sacrifice back to God.
Our parish is more beautiful because of your presence, whatever your relationship may be. Be an active part of that with your financial sacrifice to God through your home parish and turn in your committment card to the parish office or complete our online form, with whatever you feel you can give. And reference our separate Ministry Guide to give of your time, which is just as important as financial gifts. Thanks for your generosity and know of my prayers and support in any way that you may need.
Sincerely Yours in Christ,
Very Reverend Phillip Bogacki


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